Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make Mine A Double, It's Been A Long Day

A few things.

One, did we really just go through 20 days of this month? I don't even remember starting October, let alone almost concluding an entire month. Two, do you ever have one of those days where you feel completely disarrayed? It's funny how it's almost always predictable. I knew from the very moment I opened my eyes that this was going to be "one of those days." Not to say anything truly earth shattering has occurred, just those little bumps in the road that pile up and make you feel out of your element. Oh well, as I always say, I digress.

I tried to bring a little reassurance to my day with an enchanting fruit and yogurt breakfast bowl. But after I made it, I realized it would have been a lot better had I chose a different cereal base. Don't get me wrong, the Cinnamon Puffins were good, but I think I prefer Kashi with my yogurt and milk with my puffins. It's a texture thing. I also noticed that these summery yogurt bowls don't have the same effect when eaten out of season. The plum, kiwi and cold yogurt was very tasty, but in the chilly mornings, I think I prefer a more comforting combination, such as warm apple and cinnamon or banana and peanut butter. You know, the kind of breakfast that sticks to your ribs and makes you feel all warm inside. Tropical breakfasts must be laid to rest for awhile, I'm afraid.

Work was a whirlwind. Like I said, one of those days where it's one little thing after another. And it always seems to go this way whenever you have the least time for it. I actually had to leave early for a doctor's appointment, so I didn't find the multiple deadlines that were placed on my schedule this morning very convenient.

I guess another reason why I was feeling a bit perturbed was because of this doctor's appointment. If you haven't heard me rant about this before, I'll give you a quick rundown. I had my wisdom teeth out 5 months ago and encountered multiple complications after my surgery. I am STILL not healed from the procedure and the doctor who I am dealing with will not help me in any way. Basically, I know that something went wrong and he is not fessing up. All I've been getting from him is "it's all in your head" and "try not to think about it." I'm sorry, but when I am fully paralyzed on one side of my mouth and the other side is still visibly swollen and sore, I think it's safe to assume that I am not a hypochondriac. My jaw will only open half way and it's still difficult to eat…..AFTER 5 MONTHS!

Toly went with me today for moral support and we were both ready to voice our frusteration and dismay. After I demaned that the skeezy doctor actually look at my mouth (up until then, he had been walking in the room, telling me I'm fine and this is in my head, and rushing out as fast as he could) he finally admitted that there was a very abnormal feeling on my cheek. His exact words..."I've never felt anything like this, this is really weird!"
Ummm, yeah moran, it was really weird when I tried to tell you about this 3 months ago and you told me I was crazy!!!
So anyways, now I have to go for an MRI to see what this unusual absess is that is growing inside of my mouth and will probably have to have another surgery to remove whatever it is.

Okay, enough of that rant.

After my horrific appointment, I needed to cool off and clear my head, so Toly and I went for a walk. It was beautiful out and the walk did a world of good for my mind.

A little later, I started on dinner. I know that tonight is Wednesday, and you are all expecting my famous Wednesday Night BFD meal; however, I decided to push BFD to tomorrow night because I have bigger plans for this week's BFD and needed to be fully prepared. My heart just wasn't there tonight, and I certrainily didn't want my sour mood to effect the happiness of BFD. Don't worry, I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Instead, I made the only thing I knew would bring me comfort... NACHOS!

Do you ever think up of an idea in your head for a recipe and really have no idea how it wil turn out? Well, that was this one tonight. I just kind of threw a bunch of ingreidents in a pan that I thought would taste good and hoped for the best.

As a result.....

Zucchini, Black Bean and Mango Nachos

I sauteed diced zucchini, mango, blackbeans and red onion in a pan with salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, smoky paprika, oregano, and lime juice. While this cooked, I started building my nacho bowl. First up, the chips. Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips were the base, followed by slightly nuked spinach, topped with the hot zucchini/mango/bean mixture and dressed with crumbled feta.

I added some fresh banana peppers and avacado after these baked for about 15 min.

Toly's nachos were sauteed ground turkey, tomatoes, blackbeans and corn topped with cheddar.

Lucky for me, this whim turned out delicious! At least one thing went my way today.

Well, I must end this night early before I get any more bad news. Ugh, I need a drink! But I think ice cream will suffice tonight. ;)

See you later alligators!

PS- GO PHILLIES!!! World Series 2009, here we come AGAIN!


  1. oh gosh! You POOR thing. I'm glad this idiot finally admitted something was wrong. GREAT dinner

  2. hey girl I ll be praying for a quick healing on whatever it is:) So love those nachos!!! Oh and the Phillies haven't won yet!!!

  3. yay phillies! i'm so sorry about your mouth - that suckity suck sucks.

  4. Lauren!! That is so frustrating!! I would be extremely upset too and crying up a storm. At least he looked at it this time and something will be done as a result.

    ...funny how the day was long yet the month has gone by so fast huh?

  5. Oh, poor darling! I'm so so so so sorry! Every dentist appointment is a nightmare, and I'm SO sorry it is lasting longer than one trip! I hope it gets fixed soon!!

    But at doesn't seem like it's inhibiting you from FABULOUS eats!

  6. Ah yes one of those days... One of those days where every turn I make is the wrong one. Or I almost get hit riding my bike lol. I get you on the cereal texture thing. I remember when I mixed Puffins with my yogurt I actually ended up crushing them. I think it's because it soaks in the yogurt just a tad so there's still some crunch. I definitely enjoyed the last of tropical breakfasts while I was in Florida. Girl, I think you and are sunbabies at heart! And I love putting twists on classics!

    Oh no! Wow I can't believe that after 5 months you haven't fully recovered. I hope you find out what it is and it will all be taken care of soon. It's great that Toly was there for you and that you went on a walk to cool down rather than getting tangled up in the stress. I hope today is a better day for you my love!!! Take care :)

    p.s. I would say the coconut oil really adds sweetness... I can only really compare it to just eating a plain coconut. However, if you're mixing it with with things that have a smidge of sweetness, it really brings it to another level and it plays off of that. It's so great! I seriously can put it in so many things from sweet to savory.

  7. gah i hate doctors sometimes! that's TERRIBLE that he never bothered to actually look at your mouth!

    i hope everything turns out well!! and those nachos are making me want mexican for lunch today!


  8. I'm really sorry to hear this Lauren. I've been wondering how all that mouth stuff has been going.

    Is it time to go see a different doctor? Get a 2nd opinion?

    Yay for nachos and comfort food!

  9. Oh man, I cannot believe you are still having trouble with your wisdom teeth! What a wretched doctor - he wouldn't even look in your mouth up until this point? Unbelievable! I hope the MRI will give you some insight into what's really going wrong and how to FIX it once and for all!!

  10. Oh my gosh!! Rant away - I would be just as upset as you! That's ridiculous!! I hope that everything turns out well ASAP :)

  11. Oh lordy what an experience! Doctors drive me bonkers sometimes. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with that.

    I totally understand not wanting to eat something because of the current mood!

    Black bean and mango nachos sound awesome!