Sunday, October 18, 2009

Indoor Weekend

Hey everyone!

How was the weekend for you?

We experienced quite the uneventful one; however it was preconceived, so no regrets.

The weather was, well, pretty awful. Rainy and cold to sum it up in two short words. Nothing makes me want to stay in the comfort of my cozy little home more than the sound of pouring rain outside.

So stay indoors is what we did. (With the exception of a grocery shopping trip)

I began Saturday morning with a long run on the treadmill. I know that most people dread running on a machine; however, when it's 38* and pouring cold rain, I have no problem running for an hour on a treadmill. I have come to realize that I HATE running in cold temps. Really, I would rather run in the heat. I know I know, it's a little obscure, but trust me when I tell you that me and the cold DO NOT mix.

Surprisingly, my run was pretty great. I did 8 miles in a little over an hour and the time just flew by. (Oh and just so you know, the machine at the gym only has a 1 hour max so it will literally shut off and stop working after an annoying!) Usually, I would finish a few miles running outside, but since I knew the rain would be a factor, I ran 2 miles on Friday night, so that I would be able to get a full 10 miles in. A little staggered but still counts.

I contemplated Pumpkin Oats, but the Honey Crisp sitting on my counter won my affection.

I made Apple Pie Oats which were just as delicious.

1/3 c oats, flax, cinnamon, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup apple sauce, 1 small diced Honey Crisp, a spoon of vanilla yogurt, a few Cinnamon Puffins (for crunch), and Honey Almond Butter. Just like apple pie. ;)

Oh, and Toly wanted me to show you all his breakfast. This was his omlete that he made for himself which he claims is better looking than oats. I'll let you be the judge....

The rest of the day was spent being 1/2 lazy and 1/2 productive. Not gonna lie, there was a small marathon of Entourage mid afternoon, but to compensate for being a couch potato, I did spend an hour reorganizing the pantry.

And yes, this brought me great joy! Cleaning and organizing is therapeutic for me.

A few hours later, it was time to eat.

Toly requested a meal the other week and whenever he asks me to make him something that he loves, I hardly ever decline.

We enjoyed French Bread Parmesan Pizza.

But to start, salad, of course....

(Romain, red pear, roasted beets and asparagus, walnuts, dried cherries and feta)

Okay now for the pizza.....

I've made this once before and it must have made quite an impression on my hubby because he actually remembered this one in detail.

I hollowed out a piece of crusty french bread and toasted it slightly. Then I sauteed diced bacon and ground turkey, diced tomatoes with some other seasonings and added tomato basil puree. Filled the bread with the goods and topped with a healthy portion of cheese. Broil for about 5 min until cheese is melted and slightly browned.

Inside view.....

Mine was slightly different. I did the same cooking method, only instead of the meat, I used diced eggplant and mushrooms. And instead of mozzarella cheese (not a fan) I made a simple and quick ricotta with cottage cheese, capers, and garlic.

Such a lovely Saturday night dinner. We made it "romantic" with candles and wine.

For the rest of the night, we watched The Proposal. Hmmm, it was okay. Not my favorite romantic comedy of the year, but wasn't bad.

Sometimes, the best weekends are the ones where you do absolutely nothing, and it was certainly ideal for 2 days of nothing.

Hope you all enjoyed yours as well!


  1. it seems like a lot of people in blog land are watching the proposal this weekend! i actually auditioned for it!

  2. hahaha we are SUCH twinkies! I love it. We'd be best friends if we lived near one another ;) Great eats- love the hollowed out pizza

  3. Sometimes, the simple boring weekends are the best!!!

  4. I am so the same way with organizing/cleaning... it gives me some strange sense of mental clarity, love it! I also love the french bread pizza idea, my boyfriend would love the bacon/turkey combo!!!

  5. I HATE cleaning and organizing but once I have a whole plate of work to do, I'll clean ANYTHING haha

    I'm not a fan of running in cold temps either and it's freezing here! I'm a whimp though because it's probably warmer here than there :)

  6. Staying in so niice and relaxing. And cleaning is relaxing for me too :) Lucky me! lol I totally feel you on the cold weather. My ears are super sensitive and they start to hurt when I'm outside in the cold. Your dinner looks AMAZING! I love how there's stuff under the cheese. Lol I think that's too cute that Toly wants to show off his breakfast.

    p.s. I wish you were there!! I think you would reallllly enjoy south Florida. There are a lot of fusion places and it just feels like paradise. It's nice to feel spoiled every once in awhile ;)

  7. I would hate getting on a machine that cut off on me! Cleaning and organizing are ways for me to de-stress too :) It's been rainy and cloudy here all weekend, but we still had a good run!

    I've updated to wordpress!!

  8. going to have to try those oats this week!!!

    I loved the Proposal, it's actually on my Christmas wish list :) Have a beautiful day girly!

  9. I love that idea and I bet the husband would adore that french bread pizza! What a fabulous way to use up ground turkey, too. You're so smart girl!

  10. holy salad and pizza girl - these look sooooo good! and i just bought apple pie spice, which i think would go swimmingly in that bowl of oatmeal.

    yay for indoor weekends!

  11. UGH I will not run in the rain! Except for a race, but that sucked and I was miserable ;) I'd pick the treadmill any day, and I really don't like it. Better than the icky cold rain, though!

    That salad and the pizza look so gourmet! Mmm, wanna come cook for me? ;) Have a lovely day!

  12. Isn't pizza the BEST food to share with husbands? They get the meat, we get the veggies. I will have to try that French bread version--I know D would LOVE it! xoxo

  13. I need to steal that idea of a french bread pizza. Sounds amazing, looks fabulous, so I'll bet it tastes FANTASTIC!

    I hope the weather clears up over there!

  14. Dang girlllllllllllllll! That pizza looks amazing!!!

    As for the cold? I hate it, but I hate sweating more. I mean I think I'm somewhat used to the cold I'm constantly cold always, but I've become almost immune to it from skating. It's weird. 8 miles though! hot damn! I would be crawling!

    hope you have a wonderful dayyyyyyyy!

    P.s. I promised myself I would do this (my last post says why):

    Artifical Selection- humans act as a selector - which plants to breed, vegetables, dogs, etc.

    Limits to Natural Selection include:
    -selection can only act on existing variation
    -evolution is limited by historical constraints
    -adaptations are often compromises
    -chance, natural selection, and the environment interact!

  15. LOL - I am the same way with my pantry/fridge! When it's organized - I feel like I can sit down finally and RELAX! My brother came over the other day and thought it was weird how organized our fridge was! Glad I'm not the only one out there! :)

  16. Love that pizza! Oh my goodness, heaven! :D

  17. WOW - LOVE those pizza's! Your man's a lucky one! ;)

  18. Hi Lauren! I’m a fan of cleaning up too!! It’s therapeutic for me to organize shelves actually…is that strange? :P You certainly did a fantastic job making everything categorized there! Hehehe
    Sucks about the weather!!! There is nothing worse than cold rainy weather. Good for you for jumping on the treadmill. I really can’t run on a treadmill though…it’s just…not as interesting as I’d like for it to be. :P I’m a huge fan of the cinnamon puffins on apple oats!!! Nothing like crunch and cool (yogurt)…you and I think alike when it comes to food girl! Heheheh

  19. OH nice! Love your homemade ricotta with cottage cheese and capers. Great idea! And your apple pie oats looked amazing - maybe just a tad better than Toly's brekkie. Hope you are doing well!

  20. i dont love cleaning but i do love organizing.. therapeutic fo sho! mmm that cheesey bread looks incredible. i am so glad i finally am catching up with you! but it is making me hungry!