Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Home the Inferno


We are just one big mess here at the Podolsky household.

I think even Sammy is starting to feel a little under the weather....

Or maybe he is just going through attention withdraw. He hasn't been getting much lovin the past few days and I think its starting to take effect on him. He should bounce back soon, no worries.

I, on the other hand, haven't been so lucky. I thought I was bouncing back from my 24 hour flu bug; however, it appears that a minor relapse has occurred. I knew it wasn't in my favor when I had an awful time sleeping last night. My throat was so sore I could barely swallow, my glands were swollen, my head was pounding, my nose my runny, my eyes were burning, my chest was sore from coughing....ugh it was no bueno!

Woke up feeling a little better this morning so I made it to work for about half a day and then got sent home. My work is hard core on keeping a sick-free environment and highly highly encourages staying home if you are under the weather. Since I could feel the fever coming on, I didn't argue with my boss. I figured I was probably doing more harm than good by staying at work and potentially infecting so many others.

On my way home, I b-lined to the drug store where I went a little OTC crazy. Now, I am NOT a drug girl by any means, but people, when you feel this awful, you will do just about anything.

I chugged some Emergen-C and popped a few Tylenol in hopes of bringing some comfort to my misery.

Then, I realized I was starving. Good thing the nausea has past, because not having an appetite totally blows when you are sick. I think I'm past that stage because my appetite is back...THANK GOD!

I heated up the best thing in the world!!!!!

Leftover Pumpkin/Black Bean Soup. I added spinach for some extra iron and zinc (figured I could use so more of this in my life at the moment) and paired it with some more vitamin C (a very tasty orange) and a warm slice of pumpkin corn bread with a little pumpkin butter.

This really warmed my soul and felt amazing on my sore throat and aching body. Perfect sick food!

Well, my ambitious hubby is still not feeling 100%; however, he feels the need to push himself at the office. This is the busiest week of the year for him and he already has to work hours of overtime. Taking off is just not an option, unfortunately. Poor thing! Thankfully, he seems to be in a little better state than me, so I'm just praying he doesn't push himself too hard.

Okay I must rest. My eyes are growing weary....


  1. oh my gosh! look at that little pup-burrito! i could just die. sorry to hear about your sickness :( looks like you medicated properly and at least you were able to leave work. that soup looks so amazing!

    i am catching up on your other posts too so i will just comment here. that apple cinnamon french toast looks out of this world! i love sunday breakfasts like that. those big chunky yellow tomatoes on your pizza look like they really made the slice taste awesome.

    and pumpkin bread pudding?! this i have to make. with ice cream, you know that is my fave! yummm.

    oh, there we go, i scrolled down and there was the recipe! i have GOT to make this soon! bookmarked. loving all the pumpkin loving in that post!



  2. Awwww, no bueno is right!!! Hope you, Toly and Sammy start to feel better! Remember: drink plenty of liquids, get plenty of rest and watch plenty of day-time television under a big warm blanket :)

  3. :(

    Sending you LOTS of good health vibes!! xo

  4. Awwwww, I feel bad for all three of you! Being sick is basically a death sentence for us foodies - if you can't eat it's so sad!

    REST UP!

  5. awww your puppy mummy is adorable!
    i'm sorry your sickness is back but hopefully it will pass soon & you can rest for a while!

    having your appetite is def a good sign though! :) hope you feel better soon!!

  6. Aww Lauren, you poor thing! That pumpkin soup does look like perfect sick food. I hope all of you feel better soon. Take care!

  7. So sorry you've been feeling under the weather : (

    I hope you and Toly (and Sammy) all feel better VERY soon!!

  8. Oh no..! I am so sorry..I hope that stupid bug goes away soon!

    OMG your pup looks so cute!!

  9. Aww... your 'baby' is soooo sweet! What a cutie!!

    Your dinner looks scrumptious! Sorry you're still not feeling better, thankfully I very rarely get sick, I hate it too! Ugh!