Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's Celebrate the Birthday Boy!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of postings, it's been a busy week!

Mainly, the cause of the all the commotion is because of this handsome fella....

My wonderful hubby turned 24 on Wednesday!!!!

In our house, we fully believing in honoring Birthday WEEKS! Why wouldn't we? I mean, just taking a single day to celebrate life is no way to live, am I right?

So, we've been having a few celebratory occasions, and they're not over yet!

Today, it was my turn to commence the love of my life. I took off work today and planned a full day of fun and exciting things.

First up, the traditional and beloved Hershey Pantry Breakfast.

I know I've mentioned this place before, but in all honesty, this magnificent little breakfast joint is my absolute favorite place on earth. Breakfast is my most cherished meal of the day, and I can't even describe how amazing their food is. (Their speciality is baked oatmeal and it is TO DIE FOR!!!)

I am usually smiling from ear to ear when we venture to The Hershey Pantry.

Now, what to order is never usually a question. 9 out of 10 times, it's the baked oatmeal and each day they have a special flavor ranging from peaches and cream, to pumpkin pecan, to baked banana....yeah you can only imagine.

However, today, when I glanced at the specials board and saw this....I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Oh my oh my, that would be Multi-grain pancakes with fresh peaches, figs and blueberries. Haha, I love how the cakes overlap the plate, we really have a hard time fitting all of our food on the little tables when we eat here.

These were AMAZING!! So happy with my choice. ;)

After breakfast, we had just a few errands to run and then it was time for the next activity of the day.....Kayaking on the Susquehanna River.

I called a few weeks ago to reserve this and everything was all set. Well, when we arrived all ready to go, we were a little concerned when we saw an empty building. I called the guy who I made the reservations with and guess what....HE COMPLETELY FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT!!!!! Ah, what a major disappointment.

Well, since kayaking was out, we decided to make the best of a beautiful day and walk around City Island.

Fortunately, Water Golf had just opened, so we enjoyed a friendly game of put-put.

Stinks that our plans got nixed, but we both agreed that we had a wonderful time regardless.

Just spending the day with my love is really all that is important, no matter what we are doing.
Next up for tonight...PARTY TIME!!! I have planned a birthday dinner party at Houllihans with a bunch of our friends. So excited to do some more celebrating for the most incredible person in my life! He deserves every wonderful moment of it.
Hope you are all having a great day!


  1. Wishing your husband a VERY happy birthday coming up!! You two are so cute together :) Enjoy the celebration!!

  2. Birthday weeks are how it's done!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the hubby!! Those pancakes look fantastic :)

    Hope you guys have a great evening!

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby! You two are too cute!


    Those pancakes look awesome!!

    so sorry about your original plans not working out! Sounds like you still had a fun day though!

    And yes the Kashmir Spinach is not thattt good.... you should try to add veggies to it to pump up the volume and then use it as a dip. Regular RESTAURANT Indian food is sooo much better.

    Take care ladyyyyyy!

  5. You two are too cute!!

    Happy Birthday Toly!!

  6. happy bday to your hubz!!!

    figs on pancakes?! i've never seen such a thing at a restaurant - it's usually up to me to make that happen.

  7. Happy Birthday Toly!! I love love love love love birthdays!!!! Those pancakes look out of this world--great choice! Bummer about the forgetful man. I hope you are enjoying yourself to the max.

  8. Man, you've got a gorgeous husband! A gorgeous couple...I didn't think that existed outside of Hollywood! :D

    Happy birthday to your hubby and OH MY GOD is that FIG on top of the pancakes? Holy wow!