Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost Over

Hello friends!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week. Just remember, only one more day until your 3 day weekend…. I have had to keep reminding myself of that after a long and tedious week, but no worries, it’s almost over.

Speaking of almost over, the fact that I could see my breath this morning really hit home that summer is sadly ending. Lucky for me, I like the Fall but seriously dread what comes after that. Me and Winter have a terrible relationship.

I want to thank you all for your wonderful words of support and advice on my upcoming ½ marathon. Like I said, I am thrilled but at the same time, extremely nervous for this race. It’s going to be exhilarating when I finish, but the thoughts leading up to it are a bit unnerving. I just found out today that the course will be relatively flat, diverse, and scenic. Just what I wanted to hear!

Okay and now on to the interesting stuff….

Lunch was interesting and heartwarming.

I’ve been craving Peanut butter and Jelly all week. I actually contemplated making a sandwich using Cin. Raisin Bread but since I need a more fulfillment and satiety to get me through a 3 hour meeting afterwards, I opted for something with a little more fiber and protein. Thomas Honey Whole Wheat Double Fiber English Muffins are a true love in my life and (contain 5 g of Fiber and 3 g of Protein compared to 1g that the bread would have offered). Sweet, doughy, and a perfect base for a kicked up PB&J. I also loved the fact that the muffin gave me options….because I can never decide on just one flavor…

First Half was Mighty Maple PB, Pumpkin Butter and a smashed nanner (probably my favorite combo ever!) Second Half was White Choc Wonderful PB and TJ’s Strawberry Jam (also delicious but I ate this half first because I always save the best for last)

Making sure I was fulfilling my veggie requirements, a side of raw crudities with the most perfect dip, spicy hummus and salsa. If you have yet to try this, I highly recommend this flavor combo. And making sure I was fulfilling my sweet cravings, some juicy melon for dessert.

After work, Toly and I finally made it to the gym. Ugh, it seems like every time we try to go anymore, it’s being used. This never was an issue in the past so I’m wondering why all of the sudden interest in our dinky complex gym? I thought we had a good schedule down so that we were going at a good time by avoiding any others, but clearly we need to reassess our timing.

Following the gym, dinner was calling. (Or rather our stomachs were screaming for some eats) I realized that I haven’t used the grill all week, which is a little sad because we have been having the most spectacular weather this week. So the grill was fired and the dogs went on.

On the menu: Grilled Chicken Sausages

I had a TJ’s Apple Chardonnay and prepared a lovely salad to go along with it. My salad was a base of romaine, red cabbage, cucumber, beets, and avocado with sliced apples, toasted walnuts and crumbled goat cheese. And then topped it with some grilled balsamic veggies (asparagus and mushrooms).

Toly enjoyed his standard Cheddar Brat with a baked potato and small salad. I can’t even describe to you how amazing this salad tasted.

I will sadly miss the brilliance of grilled vegetables. And sweet summer melon.

Now I’m off to catch up on some mindless and entirely filthy smut of reality TV. I’m so behind on Real World, thank goodness for On Demand!

Night loves!


  1. Toly's baked potato looks AWESOMEE!! I want one now lol

    Oooh and I agree with the PB and pumpkin butter. You use McCutcheon's right? It's only THE best ;) I remember that's how I found your blog actually. You were hosting a contest I believe.

  2. Haha, Toly would be so happy to hear that! Potatoes are his favorite food.

    Yep, McCutehons is the best. However, I just picked up a jar of a new one at Williams Sonoma...Peacn Pumpkin Butter. Ooooooohhh you have no idea the excitement I have in opening this jar! :)

  3. Fall is right around the corner and I'm excited!

    I wouldn't worry about doing most of your training on the treadmill. Remember- you still did all the work! I think there's always going to be something else we could do for out training, so have faith in all you did and run strong!

  4. i am a huge fan of the double fiber EMs! they have stellar stats. sorry you don't love winter.. send your cold weather my way ;) hope your night is relaxing!

  5. Oh, I forgot about those TJ's chicken sausages. Those are so good for a quick dinner and some added protein. I am also going to miss grilled veggies and sweet melon but think of all the fantastic gourds we'll be able to get ;)!

  6. Winter and I are not friends either :( Luckily, we have had a better relationship since I moved to SC (when I lived in Boston me and winter fought on a daily basis ;)).

    Yummy eats today. Mixing hummus and salsa is brillant! I can't wait to try this. Hooray for the loupe in your dinner.

    I hope you guys have a great long weekend.