Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cooling Down Just In Time

This has been one eventful weekend. It's the kind where you sit back on a Sunday night and just exhale deeply as you reminisce over everything that occured in the past 2 days.

Well, for some good news, our major event of the weekend concluded without any huge mishaps. The AC unit is installed and up and running. Just in the nick of time, might I add, seeing as we are entering a little heatwave.

Here she is....

This thing is about twice the size of our previous one, but thankfully, I didn't have to sacrifice much of my garden. Just a few parsley plants, but it was all for the good of cool and pleasant house.

Last night, we attended the wedding of our friend's Luke and Corinne. Luke is Steve's (Toly's brother-in-law) brother and we've gotten to know them well over the past few years.

It was a great night and here are some pictures of the evening.

Here we are with Steve and Lena (Toly's sister and brother-in-law)

The Happy Couple...

My father-in-law with our nephew Conner...
Me and Lena...

Today was beyond productive in our household. First thing on the schedule was to CLEAN the humongous mess that was left from all of the work that was done yesterday.
We spent the entire morning cleaning and re-organizing. Kind of weird how much I enjoy organizing and I really do get all excited when the house is in the utmost order.
We felt compelled to rearrange our utility closet and install some shelving.

This picture just makes me so joyful.
We ran some errands and then I met my sister later for a nice walk. It's been weeks since we've caught up and what a better way to catch up then with a beautiful walk.
I had all intentions of firing up the grill to make dinner tonight.
On the menu: Cobb Salad
As soon as I pulled out the veggies and chicken, I walked out to see this.....

The winds blew fiercely and the thunder roared.

So I averted to the indoor grill pan.

And wouldn't you know, not 10 min. later, this happened.....

Yep, the sun came out and nada on the storm. Not even a drop!

Oh well, I digressed.

Cobb Salads are a favorite for us. Mostly because I catered to both of our likings by administering a his and her side.

His side has chicken, bacon, egg....

Her side has beets, avocado

And in the middle, we share cucumber, tomatoes and radish

It works out so well!

I also made some fresh bruchetta with a big juicy tomato right from the garden. The very best way to eat a tomato is freshly picked from the backyard.

Here is my plate with some semi-grilled/baked veggies and corn on the cob. Sadly, the corn wasn't that good, so I ended up tossing it after a few bites.

Oh well, guess all summer corn can't be good.

Big wonderful salads like this are spectacular. I think I could eat these every day of my life.
Okay, the hubby and I are starting to watch Entourage. We just bought the first season after our friend's have recommended this series.
Hope all is well and your weekends were grand!


  1. Glad to hear the AC is in!!! The wedding looks like a lot of fun- cute pictures. It always feels amazing to clean and that salad looks so tasty! Hooray for big salads

  2. That looks like a wonderful weekend, Lauren!! So happy you got your AC!! : ) hooray!!

    I agree, having everything organized feels VERY nice!

  3. Hooray for your very own domain name!! Congrats! I hope transferring everything over went smoothly.

    Your weekend honestly looked like so much fun. I can't wait to start going to weddings!

    Enjoy the last couple hours of your weekend :)

  4. Glad you got the AC, especially before it got too hot. The wedding looks like fun. Love your dinner! I could eat salads like that everyday, too. Have a lovely night :)

  5. Congrats on the new AC Lauren...what a relief to have that over and done with!

    The walk with your sis sounds nice. :)

    Is it ridic that I was more excited to read beets and avocado than chicken and bacon?!?!

    Happy Sunday night.

  6. we don't need a/c here but i do remember appreciating it!