Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Blog is Turning 1!!

In a few days, SWYNTS (Say What You Need To Say) will be turning one year old! In honor of this blogerversary, I have some great things planned to celebrate with you all!

Stay tuned, as I will be celebrating this event with a GIVEAWAY later in the week!
More details to come….

So I went back to the oral surgeon yesterday for an update on the nerve damage to my tongue. Although it has gotten a little better, it’s still not back to normal. He told me that it will take 9-12 months for the nerves to regenerate and grow back completely! Are you serious? Ugh, what a drag! But at least the rest of my mouth is finally almost healed. This has been one rough road, hasn’t it?

Today was quite ordinary. Wish I could tell you something different, but sadly, it was rather mundane. I was ready to get home and see the fam. Tuesday night is gym night so Toly and I did our usual and then came home to work on dinner.

On the Menu: BLT’s and Soup

Okay well my sammy does not really qualify as a BLT, more like a TAS (Tomato, Avocado, Sprouts, with Hummus and Pesto). I think I found a new condiment combo love. Spicy Hummus and Basil Pesto is where it’s at!!! The was served on toasted pumpernickel bread. Very tasty!

Toly had the more traditional BLT but with the addition of cheese. He enjoys cheese on just about anything.

I tried this new soup from Pacific Brand. Roasted Carrot with Ginger and Cashew and added kale and broccoli and then pureed for a creamier texture. It was quite delicious!

Toly had chicken corn chowda. Easy summer meal that totally hit the spot!

Oh, guess what?!?! My parents may have added a new little addition to their household.

Say hello to Benny!

He is 8 weeks old and not even 2 pounds. Oh and he looks EXACTLY like Sammy.

Sammy wasn’t too sure, but definitely curious. I think it will take some time for Sammy to share some of his attention.

How freaking cute is this little pup?

Alrighty folks, that's about it for now. Remember to stay tuned for my great Bloggerversary giveaway coming in a few days!
Have a good night!


  1. OH yay for your blog turning one, haha. By the way, what does pumpernikel bread tastes like? Never had it before, is it spicy or grain-y??

  2. happy blogaversary! that dog is sooooo tiny! and i thought mine was small!

  3. Awww Benny is precious!!! And equally presh is your blog turning 1!! :)

    Thanks for the TJ's suggestions! I am SO excited, so many things to try! :)

    Love ya and have a great Wednesday tomorrow. :)

  4. yay for 1 year old! that's crazy about your teeth, though. I'm so sorry--I can't believe you had so many complications! :(

    Your sammie looks incredible--what yummy bread! I love the pictures of Benny, too. He's such a cutie!

  5. BENNY!!! Oh my goodness he's so adorable. It's funny because Sammy looks so big next to him.

    Happy Birthday SWYNTS. And happy "hump day" to you miss Lauren :)

    p.s. You should post the picture with Mr. Belding haha

  6. OMG Benny is so cute and so little!! Happy Blogaversary!

    I completely agree that Pesto and hummus are one of the best combos ever!!

  7. Happy 1 Year Blog! :) Omg puppy is adorable!

  8. One already? Cool~Can't wait for the giveaway! :D

    And aaawww! Can I borrow that adorable sweet thing for just one day?