Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hi There Energy, Where Have You Been?

Why hello beautiful people. How is everyone???

First off, thank the Lord that this week is nearly over. It’s been a long one for me. Work has just been kind of strange. Not bad, just strange, so the weekend break will be much enjoyed.

I came home for lunch today because I wanted something hot. Not really sure why since it’s smokin’ hot outside, but leftover soup sounded good today.

I heated up the leftover Carrot Ginger Cashew soup from the other night. This was sooo much better as a leftover. The soup got so thick and the flavors from the pureed broccoli and kale really came out. I love a thick, chewy soup, don’t you? With the soup, I had a piece of the Zucchini bread that I made over the weekend smeared with some Raw Almond Butter (that I found at Wegmans for $1.79!!!!, NO LIE!), carrots w/spicy hummus and grapes.

The bread was good, but a little dry. If you know me, you know that I have an incapability to bake. Cooking = no problemo, baking = multiple disasters. I don’t measure, I don’t follow recipes, I just do what feels right. This probably contributes to my many many catastrophic attempts of baked goods; however, every once in awhile, I surprise myself with something tasty. Anyways, the bread has a really good taste, but like I said, it’s a tad dense. After seeing Andrea’s recipe for Zucchini muffins, she had the opposite problem with hers being a little too moist. I noticed that she added yogurt to her batter which I think may be a resolution for my dry bread. Think I will try this next time.

Lunch was marvelous. Leftovers are beautiful thing, amen?

So after a few more hours of work, I came home ready for some iron pumping with the hub-o. I have a ton of energy today and I’m not really sure why. Do you ever try to assess the reasons for your change in energy levels? For the past few days, I’ve been so sluggish, but today I was back to my usual lively self.

Hmm lets see why this could be….

  • I went to bed early last night
  • I did an easy 3 mile run this morning as opposed to my usual 5 and opted for 20 min of yoga stretching
  • I haven’t taken any advil in 2 days!!! (YAY!!)

Guess that makes sense.

Dinner this evening was seasonal and absolutely scrumptious.

On the menu: TJ’s Chardonnay Apple Chicken Sausage (grilled) over one of the best salads ever.

Salad- Baby romaine and spinach, roasted beets (ah-maz-ing!), green apples, red cabbage, grilled red onion and asparagus and nectarines, with a little crumbled goat cheese and crushed walnuts.

Halleluiah this salad deserved some praise!

We also grilled some of the best corn of the season, right from the local orchard that my dad dropped off this week. Thanks Dad! :)

Okay, and if this wasn’t enough, a little watermelon for dessert. Because, no summer grill meal is complete without some juicy melon. Stuffed and fully satisfied.
(Toly's Plate, more carbs, less salad)

One more thing before I go, make sure you all come back tomorrow! I am having a birthday party for my blog. That’s right, presents are involved (aka GIVEAWAY!!!) so be sure to check it out!

Danica is hosting a fantastic Annie's Giveaway....go now and see for yourself. ;)

That’s all folks, see you tomorrow!


  1. Hey girly! Isn't TJs just the best? We don't have one near us so I put orders in with Josh's mom and she sends us the products :) I have tried the honey and flax flat breads and they are AMAZING! I actually wrote TJ's an email today asking them to open in Charleston ;)

    Your lunch looks fabulous- I love that stews and soups get better with time. Glad you had a nice workout too. I agree..this week has been way too freaking long! TGIF

  2. More carbs, less salad= yummy! Haha- Hopefully you can change mind when I try my first green monster on Saturday!

  3. Your dinner looks amazing! Love that salad, and grilled corn on the cob is always delicious. I totally agree, watermelon is definitely a must for any summer grill/cookout. Except I tried to cut up a watermelon today and it was rotten and NASTY! So, so sad.

    Glad you were feelin so good today, too :D Have a lovely night!

  4. Ooo can't wait to party with you on your blog!!!

    Zucchini bread.. muffins... what have you, is sooo good! Yogurt would probably help moisten it :) And leftovers are soo yummy. All the flavors soak in and make it all taste better. And your dinner looks mm mm mmm good! That's so sweet of your dad to bring you some fresh corn :)

    I hope you have a wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL Friday, love! Take care :D

  5. Your dinner looks sooo yummy! And yay for having your energy back :) I love days like that! Ohhh can't wait for the giveaway!!

  6. Beautiful salad with your sausage and grilled corn. That is a perfect dinner!

    Happy almost bday to your blog!

    They key to baking is to follow recipes to the T. Cooking is flexible, baking is not, lol. :)

  7. sometimes I crave soup in the summer too, crazyness

  8. that is a ridiculous price for almond butter!!!