Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Confessions of a Cool-Whip-Holic

Hi, my name is Lauren and I have a confession to make. I am an addict.

That’s right; I am addicted to cool-whip.

Well, at least I use to be that is.

Okay so this may not seem to be too life staking, but really, this artificially processed creamy substance might as well be crack. It seems light and fluffy and harmless, and essentially, a little bit every now and then is; however, my love went beyond every now and then. I would eat fat free cool whip on fruit almost every night.

Until I found this…..

True Whip is all natural, organic and actually contains only REAL ingredients; milk, cream, sugar. I could have died when I spotted this.

Finally, a remedy to break myself from the constraining addiction to crack-whip. I am happy to say that I tried the new version last night with my fruit and LOVED it! I think even more than cool whip. Why you ask, because it actually tastes real.

Let’s face it, cool whip is good stuff, but it definitely has that synthetic aftertaste of artificial substances. True Whip was so creamy, rich and delicious. It makes the perfect little indulgence on a bowl of fresh, ripe fruit at the end of the day.

If you too suffer from the embarrassing addiction of chemically induced dessert toppings, I urge you to rush to your nearest health food store and buy a container of this. You will not be sorry!

Thankfully, today was a whole lot better than yesterday, although, I already feel that this may be one of those long droning weeks.
I will try to maintain a smile regardless. :)

After work today, I waited for Toly to get home so we could run to the gym. He recently changed his schedule so that he is working 9 hour days and taking off every other Friday. Lucky him; to me, this sounds like the ideal schedule. I definitely think I could pound out one more hour in the work day to have every other Friday off. It works out better for him so that he can meet more of his deadlines during the weekdays and work from home on Fridays if he needs to. He is so devoted and such a hard worker that I am sure it will be so nice for him to have a break from the office.

After the gym, we hurried home to get a start on dinner. Ever since I had gnocchi at Bella Mundo (best gnocchi I have ever had in my life) I have been craving it. I’m really not a big pasta fan. I love tomato sauce and veggies but could do without the plain noodles. Really, it doesn’t have much of a taste to me; however, gnocchi is different. Actually, any kind of stuffed pasta is so much better in my opinion. I found a pack of gnocchi at Trader Joe’s this past weekend and decided to give it a try. I’ve made it once before, but used Whole Wheat Sweet Potato that was fantastic. This Trader Joe’s version was just plain white gnocchi (all they had). Not as exciting, but I knew it would be a definite winner with my husband.

I decided to pair the gnocchi with another recent purchase from Tj’s; sweet Basil Pesto Organic chicken sausage. The dish also contained sautéed zucchini and yellow squash, Portobello mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes tossed with some pre-made pesto.

Oh my gosh you guys, this was yummy!
The gnocchi was so flavorful and the basil pesto sausage was succulent. I am also quite obsessed with pesto at the moment. Guess it just brings out so much summer aroma to my dishes.

On the side was stemmed Broccoli with some marinara and parmesan cheese.

I made Toly a Chicken Parm sandwich and did his gnocchi in a simple sauce of butter, evoo, and parmesan cheese.

Now that our bellies are full of luscious potato pillows, I think we shall spend the rest of the evening digesting, relaxing and watching the Phillies.

PS- Don’t forget. My Giveaway is still open to enter. Contest ends Thursday so be sure to get your comment in before then!


  1. Haha I'm a total reddiwhip girl. The truwhip sounds great, though. I'll keep an eye out for it! Your dinner looks yummy :)

  2. Haha, I used to buy that coolwhip all the time! I'm glad there is a better alternative out there that tastes great!

  3. i've never seen true whip! will have to keep an eye open!

  4. I almost bought the truwhip but its so darn expensive- $6?! Josh and I love cool whip :) And I agree with you that fruity desserts are the BEST!

  5. Your gnocchi dish does sound delicious! I agree, stuffed pasta is waaay better.

  6. YAYAAYAY for finding a better "coolwhip." Now you can justify it better. :) That's what I do with chocolate--I eat dark chocolate b/c it is full of antioxidants.

  7. hey girl!! Sorry for the sllllllooooow response-- TJs frozen salmon burger patty thing a ma bobs-- spice them up with anything soy/ginger flavored...

    Soyaki is GREAT..

    Making them spicy + putting an over easy egg + eating it on a british (or english muffin) + sauteed spinach is DELICIOUS.

    go bold.


  8. I will have to seek out this all-natural whipped cream! Until then, I will continue to enjoy Gena's raw whipped cream (http://www.choosingraw.com/red-white-blue-and-green-berries-and-raw-whipped-cream/).

  9. I'm so glad I have a TJ's near me so I know everything that you are talking about lol. And you must be a great cook, all of your food looks so delicious :)

  10. hahah sandra lee is super annoying ;)

  11. cool I love finding better for you products!