Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy Sunday

Yep, that about says it all for today. It was busy, but not the kind of busy where you have back to back scheduled events, more like the kind where you have so many little "to-do's" that you want to accomplish.

Today, we had nothing solid on the agenda. It was reserved for cleaning, shopping, and prepping for the week. I actually prefer to keep our Sunday's relatively free in order to accomplish these things before the start of a week.

I actually managed to cross off everything on my list which felt great, but very exhausting.

While I was food shopping for the week, Toly snuck out for a few hours to visit and play with our little nephew, Conner.
Such handsome studs, don't you think?

I made a great dinner to conclude the weekend.

Crab Tilapia is one of our favorites.

Here is how I make it....

Crab Tilapia

For the crab topping:
6 0z lump Crab Meat
1 Tbl. Plain Greek Yogurt
1 Tbl. Dijon
Salt and Pepper

Mix all ingredients together and set aside.

For the Fish:
2 pieces of Tilapia
1 Tbl. Pesto
4 slices of tomato

Spread a layer of the pesto on the fish and top with 2 tomato slices. Then lump and generous amount of the crab on top. I sprinkled mine with some paprika and baked in 400* for 15 min. Broil the last 3 min for a crispy top.

Toly had roasted red potatoes and peas with his......

I chose roasted asparagus and butternut squash with spinach and cranberries.
Ugh, tomorrow is that start of a full week for me. Unfortunately, we will not be getting off on Friday this year for the 4th of July (like many other places of business). Since I work for a Financial Intuition, the branches must stay open on Friday and are closing on Saturday in honor of the holiday, so they are giving us paid time off to use another time instead. Bummer!
Oh well, I actually haven't worked a full 5 day work week in awhile, so I guess I'm due.
Have a great night!


  1. Oh my goodness- your dinner looks so yummy! I have to try making this!! Conner is a freaking cutie! Love little kiddos. Hope the rest of your Sunday goes well

  2. oh! oh! I made something like this: crab-crusted tilapia! Just in case you might be interested, here's the link:

    Yours look freaking amazing too! hee hee, and they ARE a pair of handsome studs!

  3. Ooh, that dinner looks yummy! And what a cute pic of the guys. I'm glad you had such a productive day :)

  4. That crab tilapia looks so good! I am going to steal your recipe soon and take a picture of it--just for you! I will credit you, of course, though!