Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keep On Keep On

That’s right, it’s Thursday already, which means keep on for one more day until the weekend!

Yesterday was a looonnnnggg day because after work, I attended my company’s annual Associate Rally. Every year, the corporation I work for puts together a huge pep rally that highlight’s the organization and its associates. It always involves a nice banquet dinner, cash bar, door prizes, and free gift, so it’s worth going to. I had fun hanging with my co-workers and seeing all 600+ employees congregate in one room at the same time. Sadly, I realized I don’t even know half of them, but it’s still good to see the ones I do know.

Today flew by at work. A few meetings really makes the day move right along, but the only downside is that my daily to-do’s become pushed aside and create a little annoying pile on my desk. Luckily, tomorrow should be quite and a nice opportunity to get caught up.

Since I didn’t have much time to pack my usual lunch fare, I resorted to the freezer and pulled out a quick fill in for today’s lunch. I grabbed a Lean Cuisine because it was the first thing I saw. I really don’t eat tv dinners often, (or Lean Cuisines because they don’t really excite me and are filled with sodium and preservatives) however, like I’ve said before, every now and then, they come in handy when you don’t have time to make anything “real.” I’ve tried a few different LC’s in my day, but I feel the only one worth buying is the Grilled Salmon with Orzo. It’s actually quite tasty, and the salmon is not that flaky gross canned stuff, but real chunks of the meat.
The nutrition stats aren’t half bad either. I can’t remember how much Fiber it has, but all I know is that this little baby keeps me filled for hours. It’s a great mix of protein, carbs, and healthy fats that creates a well-balanced and satisfying lunch.
I do always bulk it up a bit by adding fresh spinach and eat it with a side of raw veggies.

This evening was quite pleasant. We went for a long walk after work with Sammy and talked about our days. I read somewhere that most couples feel they communicate and connect more during a walk than any other time, and I can definitely see why that would be. We always seem to have some good convo’s on our evening walks.

Dinner tonight has been anticipated all week. We both LOVE Mexican food, but hardly ever choose to go out for it because I would rather make it at home. (Not to sound mighty, but we both agree that we prefer home-made Mexican fare over most restaurants) Tonight, I made QUESADILLAS! I have a favorite recipe that I use almost every time for these. It never fails to deliver a fantastic meal.
My quesadillas are a mixture of shredded zucchini, mushrooms, diced tomato, calmative olives, feta and spinach. Basically, I sauté the zucchini and mushrooms until tender, add the spinach, drain the excess liquid, and place the mixture in the center of a tortialla. Then I top with olives, tomato and feta, fold over and bake for about 10-15 min. They are soooo good.

Toly of course had chicken and bacon and cheddar (his favorite combo). Each of our dilla’s was paired with a side salad topped with leftover black bean mango salsa (broccoli for me and corn for Toly).

There are many exciting things going on in Blog World right now.

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Hope your week is grand and life is treating you well. Talk to you later!


  1. Evening walks with the hubby ... how nice! : )

  2. Yes, I have joined the ranks of Chick-fil-a fanatics. I hate to admit it, but everything is just so stinking yummy! If they come out with a peach milkshake this summer I know where we will be going together! (or least you can bring one to me.. haha!) I have bogo for Bruster's... maybe sometime this week if Emily decides to take her time getting here? Let me know what your schedule looks like!