Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Confessions

Does anyone else feel that this year is moving along in rapid speed? I looked at the calendar today and noticed that it was the 10th of March already! Unbelievable! We are coming up on the one year anniversary since Toly and I bought our house and honestly, it feels like it was just a short time ago that we were getting ready to move in. Wow, time sure does soar with age.

I woke up this morning feeling well rested and energized after a well-deserving, good night’s sleep. After day 2 of my 30 Day Shred Challenge, a hearty breakfast was in store. I usually don’t photography my cereal because it’s pretty much the same thing every day; however, today I thought my breakfast looked rather colorful and striking, so I couldn’t resist to share. I am a HUGE fan of all cereal and oats (I seriously think there is probably at least 6 different boxes of open cereal in my pantry), and have the most difficult time choosing just one, so there is usually 3 different kinds in my bowl. Today it was Fiber One Carmel Delight (1/4 C), Fiber One Original (1/4 C) and Bran Flakes (1/2 C) with blueberries (SI) and raspberries and Vanilla Soy. I also sliced up some strawberries and threw in just a few pieces of honeydew (to make it look prettier) along with a spoonful of cottage cheese. (Gotta get that protein in!) This was a very well rounded and filling breakfast that kept me going for hours!

We adjusted our habitual Wednesday BFD for tonight since my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow. We made egg wraps which were fabulous! Mine was a mixture of egg whites, spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and goat cheese and the boy had eggs, bacon, ham and cheddar. I grilled these in my George Forman after they were assembled and served some tomato soup for dipping. YUMO!

(Her Plate)

(His Plate)

Before I go I wanted to bring up a thought on the idea of daily “treats” or discretionary calories as they are more technically referred. Often when people “diet” they only see food for what they CAN NOT have which causes them to want those foods more and more. What people don’t realize is that our daily food intake allows us to consume a certain amount of discretionary calories (calories that do not contribute to our required nutritional intake). Some people prefer sweets, others go the salty route and some may choose to drink these (wine/beer/soda/etc.) Personally, I have adapted a nightly pattern of ending my day with something sweet and satisfying. Not to say that I eat chocolate cake and big bowls of ice cream every single night (only on occasion), but I do treat myself to a little snack before bed. My absolute favorite and most consumed nightly delight is frozen fruit (slightly defrosted) with a spoonful of FF cool whip. I look forward to this almost every night and truly believe that it satisfies my tummy at the end of the day. Knowing that I crave this sweet satisfaction before bed, I am cautious not to consume other sweets throughout the day. I know that I feel most content by eating a daily treat before bed, so I would rather pass them up in the afternoon and enjoy them when I truly want them.
I can not stress enough, the fact that allowing yourself to eat the things you choose in moderation is essential! I allow myself treats every day but know that because I eat healthy and exercise daily, I deserve a little delightful nibble. I have been living this way for years and it has not changed my health one bit-it has only made me happier and healthier!
Does anyone else have any daily indulgences or daily delicacies that make them happy

(Here is the bag of fruit I buy at BJ's or Costco-it's my favorite! I probably go through one of these massive bags a month!)

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  1. Great post!! (I love cereal, too;)

    Yes, I definitely feel like time is completely flying!! It's crazy!