Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Foward = Feeling Backward

Ughhh, I hate daylight savings! I always feel so backward when we have to change the clocks; it makes me feel like we are messing with the universe and as a result, the universe is punishing us by making us feel all out of sorts. Okay, maybe it's just me, but the fact that is already after 4pm on Sunday and the weekend is practically over makes me feel disgusted. :(
Anyways, despite the fact that I am trying to savor every last minute of the weekend, I can't complain that it wasn't a good one.

Today, we FINALLY made it to church. Sadly, we have not been in weeks and we promised ourselves that no matter what, we would make it this week. After church, my sister came over for lunch. I haven't seen her for awhile, so it was nice to spend together and chat.

Since it's Sunday, that means it's Super Food time! I didn't do so well with last week's pick of salmon. I'm actually planning on using it more this week as well, so I guess last week's pick will overflow into this week too. (Salmon is hard to use more than a few times in a week)

As for this week, I am going to choose....BLUEBERRIES!

I eat these powerful babies every single day! They are truly a nutritional God-send, packed with anti-oxidants and considered one of the worlds best super fruits. Every bowl of cereal has at least a handful and they also make a perfect topping to any oatmeal combination. When we were in NY, we also came across a winery that made Blueberry wine! What could be better?

So this week, I am going to try and venture out of just using the berries for breakfast. I will try to use them in other interesting ways as well and see what I can come up with. Don't worry, I have a few ideas in mind, but as always, I am open for just about anything!


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