Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reaching New Records: Reconnecting Old Friendships

I did it! I set my new personal record of a long distance run; 7 miles! It felt AMAZING! My body felt so strong and exhilarated throughout the entire duration and I knew that once I reached it, I could have kept going. Of course, I did not want to push it, so I didn't, but it's relieving to know that I am capable of more and I know I will be at marathon pace in no time.

After my wonderful run, I rewarded myself with a hair cut. A nice fresh style was well past due and I always feel so refreshed after an appointment at the salon.

I was meeting up with an old friend for lunch, which I was really looking forward to. Sarah and I were good friends in high school but have not seen each other since. Over the past year, we have reconnected by mutual friendships and a few weeks ago, I had a nice surprising message in my inbox from her. We have been talking through emails for a few weeks and decided that we definitely needed to get together and catch up. It was so great to reconnect and we also discovered that we share so many of the same interests-running being one of them! Sarah and I are going to run a 5k together in May and also try and establish some running dates in the future. I'm so glad Sarah and I were able to meet up again and really look forward to rekindle an old friendship with such a wonderful woman!

After a great lunch at Panera, I proceeded to check off my next "to-do"; grocery shopping for the week. I always plan out our meals for the entire week before I go and make sure I have a solid list with me. This is essential for a few reasons; it saves money and time. I already spend 2 hours in the store to begin with, so I can't image how much time I would waste if I didn't have a plan.
When I got home and prepped, organized and put away all of the groceries, it was already time to start on dinner. Tonight was an indulgent dinner made healthy-meatball subs! I am a HUGE advocate for eating all foods you love; pizza, burgers, cheese steaks..... and so long as you choose to prepare them in a healthy way, you can make pretty much anything nutritious! The meatballs were made with ground turkey breast and the sauce was a quick homemade marinara. While at Panera, I picked up a asagio loaf, which was an amazing compliment to the subs. I also sauteed some peppers, onion, spinach and balsamic to top mine and of course, smothered the hubby's in cheese. Kale chips and butternut squash fries were my sides of choice and potato wedges for the boy.
This meal rocked! It even tasted better than any meatball sub you could find at pizza shop because everything tasted so fresh and was FULL of fabulous flavor.

Now its movie and ice cream time with the boys. (Toly and Sammy) We missed our usual Friday night date night so we are making up for it tonight. Have a fantastic evening!


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