Sunday, March 1, 2009

How the Russians Party

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting to hear what the BIG surprise was last evening. Well it's safe to reveal that last night we took part in one extreme Russian Surprise Birthday Party for Toly's mom. Before I begin to unveil the details, let me explain that when the Russian's throw a party, it puts any American party to shame. They seriously know how to do it right!

I've only been a few "traditional" parties since Toly and I have been together and every time it's always an unreal experience. Yesterday, we traveled to Philly to an authentic Russian restaurant called Palace Royal. My parents joined us which was great because for years, Toly's dad has been dying to have my parents experience a taste of their world by partaking in one of these experiences.

If you are not familiar with how a real Russian party works, let me fill you in. It's a lot of people around one huge table surrounded by immense varieties of food. Throughout the night, you eat, drink, toast, laugh, eat more, sing, drink, and keep eating. They NEVER stop bringing out food! Oh and then the music starts which is the best part! A band performs some traditional Russian music and everyone gets up and dances and sings into the late hours of the night.

These parties are intense but incredibly fun! Toly's mom truly deserved a magical night and everyone could not have been more grateful to be together celebrating such an amazing woman.
After hours of partying, I decided to head home with my parents (they had an earlier morning so unfortunately had to call it a night earlier than everyone else). Toly planned on staying and didn't end up getting home until after 3am! (See I told you these Russians put us to shame!) I love being married into a family with such vibrant culture and robust traditions and feel so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of it all!
Happy Birthday Mom P! We love you!!

(A shot of the table with the appetizers. Yes, this is only round 1 of a 20 meal course)
(Taking it all in)
(Toly's parents)
(The overflowing vodka)
(Dad's got the moves!)
(Even Toly's Grandma knows how to bust-a-move)
(Happy Birthday!!)
This morning, I was sadly woken by a very anxious little Chuiauau around 7am! I think he was a little restless from sleeping all day yesterday and didn't have plans to sleep in today. Since I had a few more hours of sleep than my hubby, I thought I would let him sleep in and take a turn with Sammy. I did manage to wake him up later in the morning with an enticing Breakfast in Bed. I knew the sweet smells of Coconut French Toast would do the trick. The 3 of us laid in bed while enjoying our wonderful breakfast.
Today is a full rest day here. We just have some cleaning to do and then plan on staying in a relaxing the entire day....sounds AMAZING!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

(Coconut French Toast with Strawberries)

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  1. That looks and sounds like SO much fun!!! : ) Glad you enjoyed yourselves and loved the pictures.

    And what a nice wife of you to make breakfast in bed ... sounds like a perfect weekend to me!! : )