Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bowling and Thai Food

This weekend was splendid. Today we had a full day with a fairly tight schedule but it was well worth it.

Backing up a bit, last night, Toly and I spent our Saturday night at home in our sweats. (Just the way we prefer!) We worked together to make a delicious dinner. He grilled some chicken and veggies and I threw together some very tasty Greek salads. We also grilled pita bread and some potato slices (sweet and white) and tried to enjoy this with a glass of wine; however, I decided to open a new bottle I bought a few weeks ago- A Sparkling Rose- and we both were disappointed. It tasted too much like champagne (we both don't prefer champagne) and didn't go so well with our dinner, so we ended up dumping it.

(His Salad)

(Her Salad)
Today was busy! We spent the morning cleaning the house and grocery shopping for the week.
This afternoon, we attended a charity event for my work. The Bowl For Kids Sake is an event my work sponsers every year at our local bowling alley, so we get to spend a few hours bowling for charity. It was a lot of fun and I ended up doing surprising well. I think I bowled a 115 and then a 104, so not too bad, considering I hardly ever bowl.
After bowling, we went out for Thai with my friend and co-worker, Joey and her husband Brian. Ah, Thai, how I love thee! I ordered the Grilled Eggplant in a sweet basil sauce with mixed veggies and steamed tofu and stole a little of Toly's Pad Thai. It was wonderful! Thai has to be one of my favorite ethnic options and probably comes exceedingly close to topping the list. (Well, it's a toss up between that and sushi)
What a wonderful weekend. The week ahead looks promising (weather wise and schedule wise). Hopefully it will go just as fast as last week did, but now that I am anticipating it, I bet it will drag!
Have a good one!
***PS**** The SuperFood this week is TOFU! I already got in my share tonight (and tomorrow in tonight's leftovers) and I have plans for a very tasty recipe later in the week, so stay tuned.

(Wendy and me kicking butt for our team)

(My co-worker gals)

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  1. Yum! Your Saturday night in sweats dinner looks delicious (and sounds like tons of fun! : ) Too bad the wine didn't turn out as you'd planned.

    For not bowling much, I think you did pretty good! Ha, that's about what I normally get, too! : )

    Have a great Monday!!!