Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weeknight Dinner with Friends

Last evening was spent with our good friends and neighbors, Jen, Brian and their son Connor. We try to schedule a few dinner dates each month and since we live less than a mile from each other, it makes these shindigs quite manageable. When Connor was smaller, we use to put him to bed and do our thing; however, as he gets older, and bedtime gets later, we realize that having him join us makes the night a lot more enjoyable. He brings so much entertainment and what could be more fun than spending the evening with one of the coolest 10 month year olds!

Connor definitely didn't lack in the entertainment department last night. Jen often comments on her son's strange eating habits, and graciously warns others that his food choices are quite unusual and not so appetizing to look at. Well after he finished his bowl of chili, he discovered that he could throw everything that was left on his tray in his glass of water to make one big concoction. This "smoothie" consisted of chili, beer bread, olives, avocado and I think there may have been some ketchup floating around too. Needless to say, Connor drank almost all of it.
Haha, I guess little boys will always have that abnormal food curiosity! :)

After dinner, we hung out over dessert and coffee and spent some time chatting about our weeks. Connor must have gotten a boost of energy from his dinner creation because he was on the move and all full of giggles. Toly fully enjoyed supporting this, as he ended up joining Connor jumping off the couch and playing catch. I'm not sure if Jen was as excited about the boys play time, considering it was getting late and well past Connor's bedtime, but they were having fun and who argue with that?

Another lovely evening was had. Dinner was fulfilling, laughs were shared, and time spent with good friends is always priceless. It's wonderful to have Jen and Brian right around the corner and we truly enjoy making these dinner dates a usual thing. Next week, its dinner and games at their house, so it won't be long before we can enjoy another one!

Connor showing Sammy how to shake (or rather Sammy showing Connor from the way it looks)

The gang around the table

So thankful for best friends

Connor turned Sammy's toy basket into his very own boat


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