Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Typical Tuesday

I can’t deny that waking up this morning and realizing it was already Tuesday was slightly alleviating. I’ve also come to the considerable belief that having an extra day off on the weekends is becoming borderline necessary. It’s incredible how much better one’s outlook can be with an extra day of rest, relaxation and relief.

That being said, the day managed to move along quite nicely. Work was typical and the morning ascended swiftly into lunch. I was glad to have my leftovers from this weekend to reheat for lunch. I always enjoy some great leftovers and I absolutely HATE the idea of wasting food, so being able to re-heat a good meal is always a practical win.

Tonight the hubby and I had a gym date after work. I was planning on doing some weight-lifting; however, my arm is still sore from our bowling battle yesterday, so it wasn’t as vigorous as usual but still effective.

We got back and started on dinner which I have been excited to make all week. This recipe comes from http://mrslc.blogspot.com/ and as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be on the menu asap! Thanks LC!

Grilled Pumpernickle Portobello and feta Panini with a blackberry balsamic reduction (Click here for recipe) http://mrslc.blogspot.com/2009/01/grilled-portabella-pumpernickle-panini.html
(The only changes I made was I added avocado and subbed spinach for the arugula)

It’s quite a shame that the boy does not have a taste for such gourmet cuisine such as this (I am working on him though). He has expanded this pallet quite a bit; however, I just can not get him off his dislike for vegetables (which happens to be one of my much loved obsessions in life) therefore I am left to alter his plate so that we both can enjoy the things we like. I don’t mind and actually have become quite good at cooking 2 meals at one time. I made him a Panini as well only his contained fried egg, bacon and cheese (he couldn’t have been more satisfied).
We devoured our wonderful sammies with some tomato soup (the quintessential staple to pair with hot cheesy sandwiches). Sometimes, nothing compares to a good-ol’ grilled cheese and tomato soup, but when you have the time and energy to add a little flare to this classic, it is well worth it!

Tomorrow, I will be integrating the secret ingredient of the week into our dinner. Stay tuned for that!
Good night and rest well.


  1. hey girl where did you get that JILLIAN video I have never seen it!!!!

  2. I actually found the new Jillian workout on Comcast On Demand Exercise and Fitness Channel. It's called Boost Metabolism and its a 50 min. circut workout that incorporates a kickboxing circut, a calasetics circut and then abs and then you repeat the 3 circuts. I really enjoyed it but it was definitely a challenge!

  3. Thanks for trying out that panini! :)

    haha and your boy will eventually start eating more veggies. My husband used to "hate" squash but spaghetti squash has become a staple in our menus!