Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun Day!

This morning, Toly and I woke up and realized it was our 6 month anniversary. I can not believe it has been 6 months already since our wedding day, but it just goes to show the days fly when life is as good as it can get.

Since we both had the day off and our only plans for the day were cancelled, we decided to take advantage of a free day together and institute a "fun day!"

After resting my legs this weekend, I felt ready for a good long run in the am. After breakfast, I headed to the gym and nearly finished 6 miles. (someone walked in near the end of my run waiting for the treadmill and even though I could have done the whole 6 miles, I felt bad making her wait so I called it quits around 5.5) It was a great run this morning and I'm definitely glad I rested because my legs felt great!

I came back and made lunch a little later. Today I created a wonderful sammie of hummus, spinach, tomato, a little balsamic, avocado and a sprinkle of parm all on a slice of pumpernickel. I broiled it to get it nice and toasty and had this with a great new veggie side I came across in the store. Kale! I don't think I've ever really tried kale before but saw somewhere that it is great to roast in the oven with some salt and pepper. The Kale gets all crispy like potato chips and with some ketchup, they actually taste like chips for veggie lovers. Mmmm..I think I will be adding kale into more of my meals.

After lunch we ran a quick errand and then headed to The Coliseum (which is like a big Chuck-E-Cheese for adults). We bowled a few games (I kicked Toly's butt!) and then played some arcade games. We had such a great time just goofing off and enjoying a day off from plans, work and schedules. We both decided that we should have these days more often, but that would probably require calling off work at least once a month and I don't think either of us can afford to do that. Oh well, we will just enjoy what we can get and make the best of fun days whenever they come around, even if they are few and far between.
Toly realizing he better step it up if he wants to catch up
I can't believe how good I am
Toly enjoying is loosing shot (who can play a friendly game of bowling without some kind of bet involved?)
Happily enjoying the day of fun!


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