Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today is one of those days where my body just feels like it needs some good R&R. After my milestone 5 miler last night, my calves are definitely feeling the effects. This morning I woke up at a reasonable time (7:15am) and did about 20 min of an easy elliptical routine. It felt good to get my legs moving! I did a new ta-bo ab workout with my man Billy Blanks after that. I have done a few of his ab boot camps before, but this one is probably the best so far. Its about 35 min of core strengthening and crunches. My abs were feeling tight and toned which is always the goal of doing any ab routine.
The hubby was headed to his rents for the morning to get a hair cut. He sometimes likes to go over Saturday mornings to have breakfast with them. This was a very important time when he lived at home, so its nice that he can re-visit the Russian Breakfast routine every now and then. He also gets the opportunity to eat things for breakfast he would not normally throw into his daily diet such as extra fried eggs, his dad's famous home fries and sausage, or his mom's potato pancakes.
I on the other hand took a more simple approach to breakfast with my usually bowl of cereal. This morning it was special K (new Blueberry flavor), and kashi with berries and soy milk. I also paired this with some pineapple and a spoon-full of cottage cheese for extra protein. I had zumba this morning, so I figured I would need the extra energy.
Zumba class was great! We did a few new routines and I really feel like I am starting to master the other ones. Next week we are doing a little salsa so that should be fun!
After class, I took a nice long shower and made lunch for me and the hubby. Lunch was a new favorite...Bunny in the Hole! Just a slice of bread with a hole cut out in the middle. You take an egg, crack it in the center of the bread and cook in a skillet. Flip it after a few minutes, I also added some tomato and spinach and cheese and threw them under the broiler for a few minutes. MMMMM...quite tasty and just what we needed to hold us over until dinner.
(sorry I forgot to take a picture!!!)

Tonight we have a usual Russian b-day party at the Chinese buffet. If I've never mentioned this before, Toly's family is big on celebrating b-days, and for as long as I have known them, they do this at a Chinese buffet for many reasons. 1. It's all you can eat, 2. It's BYOB (for all the vodka we bring) and 3. We usually get our own room (they tend to get a little loud!).
It's definitely quite the experience but we always seem to enjoy ourselves!
After dinner, we are going to our friends for a Casino Party. Our friends throw the BEST parties that are usually themed and tonight its Vegas baby! All casino games oh and Toly will be performing his renowned version of "Eye of the Tiger" in a rock-band sing-off.
I will definitely have pictures and be posting this tomorrow!
Have a great day everyone!!


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