Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Girl Could Get Use to This

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this evening of romance with someone special or at the very least, something very special to you.
My day has been truly wonderful all thanks to the most fantastic husband in the world. Here is a run down of today's events.
I woke up a did a great ab workout with good ol' Billy. So nice to work those abs first thing in the morning. Then I made myself a delectable bowl of oatmeal that of course tied into the theme of the holiday. It was a Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal and all I did was cook the oats (as you normally would) added a bit of pumpkin (because I try to put pumpkin in almost anything I can) some dried cherries, vanilla and cinnamon. Once it was cooked, I threw on some sliced strawberries and splash of vanilla soy milk and a spoonful of cherry jam. YUM!
After breakfast, my mom came over to meet me for ZUMBA! She joined me today to get a taste of the class because she is planning on signing up for the spring sessions. We had a blast shaking our butts to Shakeria and learning some great new salsa moves.
After class, she treated me to a nice lunch and then we treated ourselves to manicures.
I got home and the pampering continued. Toly surprised me with a message at the spa. He told me that I had an appointment at 4pm for a "pure relaxation" message. This truly could not have come at a better time, as my body has been pretty sore lately. Ohhhh my did it live up to its name.

After an hour of my pure relaxation, I came home to even MORE pampering. (He warned me that this day would be all about me and he was right!) He had a bubble bath for me with a nice glass of wine. I soaked in the tub while he prepared dinner.

Okay now on to the BIG surprise....the meal! You see, even though Toly doesn't cook all that much, when he does rise to the occasion, he certainly does not disappoint. He puts so much into preparing a wonderful meal (mainly because he realizes how import it is to me and always tries to adhere to this). Well, let me tell you tonight was probably the best thing he has ever made!

On the menu....

Garden Salad (with all of my favorites, veggies, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, balsamic)
Parmesan Broccoli
Pan-seared asparagus
and Crab-stuff lobster tail
WOW, was it delicious.

I've always said, there is nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen

My fabulous dinner plate
Close up of the meal
He even insisted on cleaning up and doing the dishes (which he HATES) so I know he must really love me. We are planning on cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie. Oh and I can't forget about the surprise dessert that is waiting for later. A girl could get use to this!
Have a wonderful evening with your loved ones!


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