Monday, February 9, 2009

Cooking Relaxes Me

It's funny but the idea of coming home after a long day and rolling up my sleeves in the kitchen actually brings me serenity. Cooking always seems to relax me; the idea of chopping, stirring, and assembling along with the sweet and savory aromas of a combination of foods calms me and allows me to unwind. I guess that's why I use cooking as a passionate hobby rather than any type of work or part of my career.

Another activity that brings about this same feeling is running after work. So, as I normally do, I headed to the gym as soon as I got off. After I read Caitlin's blog (Healthy Tipping Point, see my followed blogs) she mentioned today the importance of incorporating 3 different types of running into your regime if you are in training for a marathon. These are tempo runs, speedwork runs, and easy runs. I am trying to add variety and since I am planning on doing a marathon this year, I found her post very informative. Today, I tried the speedwork run, alternating between sprints and rest periods. I completed 4 miles of speedwork running and definitely felt challenged when it was over. Up until this point, I have been staying around the same pace, but just gradually adding distance where as now I can up the pace and do a shorter distance in less time. Very effective, thanks Caitlin!

After that and a little weight lifting, I came home and embarked on my second form of relief, making dinner.

Tonight was sloppy joes. I make mine with ground turkey breast and also add some veggies like celery and peppers. We ate these yummy little sammies with some Alexia waffle fries and broccoli. It was a very satisfying dinner.

Tonight is the bachelor and I am dying to know who he sends home after this episode. Have a wonderful night!

After assessing the picture, I'm sure you can determine which plate would be mine and which would be Toly's. He is so happy when his dinner comes out covered in cheese, no matter what I'm making! :)


  1. mmmm yummy :) thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

  2. Love your blog...have you ever thought about adding an RSS feed so that anytime you make an update your fans will be notified?

  3. Thanks Dad! I'm finding more ways to add features to the blog everyday. I saw the option for the RSS feed but wasn't sure exactly what it was. I am trying to figure out how to add a header so that I can include hyperlinks that will direct people to different sub-categories such as About Me, FAQ's, Recipes...etc.? I see it done on sooo many other blogs but can not seem to figure out how to add this gadget. Any ideas?