Thursday, July 17, 2008

First blog.....

Well, I finally accomplished what I have been intending to do for some time now...create a blog. I'm sure I will get the hang of it as I go along, but right now, I'm pretty limited in my creative computer abilities, so it may just be quite simple for awhile.

Toly and I just got back from vacation with my family at Myrtle Beach, SC. It was such a fabulous trip and completely needed as we quickly realized that once we returned, we entered into chaos mode. The wedding is only a month away and I am becoming fully aware of how many "little" details I have set aside that need to be accomplished in a short time frame. I can totally see how some brides go completely off the wall at this point; but, hopefully I will maintain my composure.

Toly bachelor's party is this weekend in Atlantic City and my bachelorette party is the same night. We are both so excited to celebrate our last few days as "single" people with the people we love the most

I'll be sharing some of the photos from the events that take place this weekend later, but in the meantime, here are a few of the shots from the beach.


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