Sunday, February 6, 2011

Someplace I've Never Been

Yesterday, I finally attempted a new level of fitness I have never attempted before.  It may seem common  to some, but for me, I have always been intimidated by one little room in the gym that I saw so many people coming and going from.  They would walk in with big smiles, full of optimism and excitement, and walk out dripping in sweat and looking as though they had just run a marathon.  

What am I talking about?  SPIN!!! 

I'm not really sure why I have always been afraid to try an actual class, probably because I'm not the biggest fan of the bike and probably because I just didn't know what to expect.  

I've tried to take the class a few times now, but every time, some kind of hinderance occurred that prevented me from partaking in a real class.   I was not going to take this as a sign and was determined to  try a class at some point. 

Yesterday, I trekked out in the freezing rain and sat myself in the 9am class.  The instructor was great. She came in and saw that it was my first time and helped me adjust my bike and get situated with the moves before she started the class. 

Once we got started, I immediately could understand why people are drawn to this type of workout.  It was a blast!  The hour flew by and the entire time, my HR was go amped but yet I never felt as though I was so out of breath that I had to stop.  

The only drawback is that today, my butt is now in the most pain it has ever been in.  I am having trouble sitting, laying, and even standing.  WHAT THE HECK?  Is there any way to prevent this or do you just have to work up your behind muscles in order to feel comfortable on the bike? 

Anyways, before Spin, I fueled with breakfast.  

Breakfast included the latest Chobani flavor, mango! 

Speaking of Chobani, have you all voted on the Nothing But Good Recipe Challenge yet?  All you have to do is "Like" my recipe for Sweet and Spicy Soy Glazed Tofu and you're entered to win a year's worth of Chobani.  Pretty awesome, right? 

I paired the Mango Chobani with Frozen Mango (slightly thawed), Raspberries, and a touch of Granola. 

I also had a Kashi Blueberry Waffle with PB and mashed Banana and some more Blueberries. 

I never really want to eat a big heavy breakfast before an intense workout and this combo always works so well before that situation. 

I spent most of the morning at the gym.  

2 Mile Run
Body Flow

It was a well rounded and productive workout.  

Once I got home and showered, I was unusually hungry for lunch at an early hour.  I couldn't even wait until noon to start making it.  I guess Spin not only amped my HR but my appetite as well. 

I put together a big salad using the leftover Pizza from dinner the night before. 

I think it was Kath that first inspired me to start using leftover pizza this way, but it's a brilliant idea.  Basically, I just cut the pizza into bite size pieces and use them like croutons on my salad. 

Also on this salad was roasted broccoli and zucchini, tomatoes, avocado, olives, goat cheese. I made a quick dressing using pesto and balsamic.  Everything was incredible! 

After lunch, I ran a bunch of errands and spent the remainder of the afternoon at the mall and other various places.  

A little later on into the evening, I picked up dinner to take to Jen's house for a girls night. 

We were both feeling Thai.  I selected a few of my favorites for the both of us to share.  Summer Rolls, Eggplant with Sweet Basil and Veggies, Pineapple Fried Rice. 

One rule about Girls Night (especially with Jen) is that you NEVER end it without a glorious, decadent dessert. 

Jen made Paula Deen's Bread Pudding with Butter Rum Sauce.  It was AH-MA-ZING! 

Wow, I sit here the next morning still full from that feast.  I haven't even thought about breakfast but I'll need to start thinking about it soon because I have a busy day ahead and need to get moving. 

Enjoy your Superbowl Sunday!! 



  1. I really really like spin, but the gym I go to now doesn't have any classes. I miss the gym I used to go to before I got married. I did head up there yesterday though just to do a body pump class. I had to pay, but boy am I feeling it today. Definitely worth my $10.

  2. If you want to do a lot of spinning, it's worth it to invest in a pair of padded bike shorts. This is maybe TMI, but bike shorts are designed to be worn without underwear - sometimes people don't realize that.

  3. @Anonymous
    I will definitely keep that in mind. I noticed my feet hurt a little as well and I'm guessing it's because I didn't have the right shoes? I never knew Spin was so involved! :)

  4. Glad to hear you enjoyed Spin! I teach Spin classes and I always love to hear about others who end up loving the classes :) That pain will go away too, I promise! It takes a few times on the bike before you start to get used to it!

  5. Hi Lauren! I am a spinning instructor and I can assure you that after a few more classes (like 3!) you will never feel the pain again. There definitely is no need to buy spinning/biking shorts...I just teach and spin in Nike running shorts and I don't have any pain at all. Just go to a few more classes and you'll be pain free before you know it! :)

  6. i once tried a spin class. i was so intimidated, i scared myself through the class and didnt get to enjoy the experience. i should try again though..

  7. So glad you loved spin! It's a great cardio & leg workout, and I wish I could do it more often!

  8. Ahhh spin totally freaks me out too!! I've taken it once a long time ago, and then once a little more recently....the 2nd time was way better! I think it's soooo dependent on the teacher AND music! But yaaa there is NO escaping that pain in unmentionable places..yikes...glad u had fun though!

  9. that food looks amazing!!!

  10. oh cool! i've wanted to try spin for awhile now! glad you had a nice weekend!


  11. Impressive! Thanks for setting such a great example!

  12. I totally just tried spin this month for the first time, too! I will definitely say I like it...but not sure if I love it. I think I'm too obsessed with being outside to ride bike. :)

    Adorable blog-can't wait to read more!

  13. I have to agree - spinning makes me incredibly sore, too!
    I'm glad you liked it, though :)

  14. Lauren, guess what?? I found that special valentine's day granola you posted about last week. I was SO excited to see it, and it reminded me of you, so I had to buy it right away!I love it so much I am completely ignoring the fact that it has shredded coconut in it. It's that good :) xoxo

  15. @EmilyReally? Where did you find it at? That is so cool! I'll have to tell Sarah (the owner).