Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Back For Revenge!

Welcome to February! 

All I have to say is, thank goodness January is over.  Out of all the months, I think I like January the least.  It's cold, it's long, it's the month after Christmas with no exciting holidays, it's cold! Oh wait, I said that already. 

For the next two days, we are getting hit with a nasty winter storm.  It's not the storm where you have to shovel feet of snow, it's the kind that leaves inches of ice and sleet and freezing rain.  Naturally, my schools were all closed today and will probably be closed tomorrow as well.  The weather man is telling us the worst is yet to come. Beautiful! 

I tried not to let the weather get me down and pushed on my normal day. Even though schools are closed, I still have to go to work. 

I made a bowl of Maple Oats this morning and added in a diced pear as well as some dried cranberries, applesauce and vanilla Chobani.  I also topped this off with a teaspoon of almond butter and a sprinkle of granola.  It was delicious! 

When I got to work, I was bummed to discover that my day would have to be spent in the office.  Rather than pout, I called my friend Jess to see if she wanted to sneak out for sushi over lunch.  The roads were actually not bad this afternoon.  It's tonight and tomorrow that we have to worry about.

Jess and I ran over to Sapparo for our usual sushi lunch.

Veggie Roll for me and we split the Spicy Seared Tuna Roll 

I got an unnerving phone call during lunch from Toly.  He was going home from work sick!!!  All morning he complained that he didn't feel well and by lunch, it hit him hard.  Guess who has the flu…..AGAIN!!!!!!  Last time it was the 24 hour stomach bug, now it's the nasty full blown flu (the kind I had).  Ugh, as sad as I am for him, I'm 80% convinced he has already infected me.  Is it possible to get the exact same illness twice in less than a month?  Crap, I'm doomed! Again!!! 

Trying not to think about it, I continued on with my day.  I hit the gym after work and got in a good 6 mile run.  I had plans to stop after 5, but I wanted to wait to hear the weather report and just kept going on the treadmill while I waited for it.  

Before the weather though, I did catch a bit of Oprah's Vegan Challenge episode.  Did anyone else see this?  It was actually really interesting.  Michael Pollen was featured as well as Kathy Freston, a NY Times Best Selling Author and full vegan.  I found it interesting that the entire staff participated in the challenge where they had to go completely vegan for an entire week.  The one producer almost punched the vegan in the face when she told her she had to give up her usual fast food/junk food diet for 21 days to notice the full effects. Other points I found interesting were Michael Pollen's statements on how becoming a more aware food consumer does not necessarily mean you need to give up foods that you love, in fact, he admitted to eating meat at least 3 times a week.  It means becoming aware of the foods that you are eating, how they are prepared, who is preparing them, and ultimately how they are making you feel.  Dually noted Mr. Pollen! 

When I got home, I checked on the patient (he is pretty much knocked out and won't be up until Thursday- I speak from experience) and eventually worked on something to eat for myself. 

I toyed with a few ideas and finally decided what I really wanted was to try these new fries I found at the store last weekend. 

I can pass on a regular fry any day, but sweet potato fries sing a different note for me.  I adore them.  I especially adore spicy sweet potato fries (hello sweet/savory combo!).  One more thing I adore, Alexia makes some great frozen spuds. 

When I realized I was out of veggie burgers (or they were just buried in the back of the freezer and I didn't feel like looking for them) I averted to plan b.  

The Egg Sammy

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thin, Spinach, LC Cheese, Fig Walnut Preserves, Dijon, One Egg, Mashed Avocado

This weird mixture of flavors turns into one GIANT PARTY in my mouth.  

The fries were awesome!  Some of the best frozen fries I have ever had.  As I ate them, I kept thinking how they reminded me of something that I couldn't put my finger on.  Finally it hit me!  They taste like BBQ Kettle Potato Chips only BETTER.  You must try these if you have not yet.  They are great to keep on hand for a quick side on nights when you are rushed. 

Okay now I'm begging each of you to say a little prayer.  Please pray that this time around, I can escape the sickness.  Please Please Please, put everything you have into this prayer because if I were to get sick again, I'm pretty sure I'll just go to bed and won't wake up until March. 




  1. Those fries and your sandwich combination sound AMAZING!

    I'm still getting over the sickness too - hang in there, dear Lauren!

  2. Definitely praying for you to stay healthy! And for Toly to get better. Being sick during a big storm just makes it worse!

  3. I totally agree with you on fries, I'd pick sweet potatoes over regular white potatoes any day! I can't believe he got sick AGAIN! There should be a flu limit! I'll be praying for you girl! Stay healthy!

  4. I really hope you don't get sick again! The flu has been going around my office too. I have been very careful to wash my hands alot! Hope you stay warm and safe through the ice storm!

  5. oh no! You can't get sick again! And poor Toly. Hope he recovers quickly!! BEAUTIFUL breakfast bowl. I need to incorporate more Chobani into my breakfasts. I have the lemon and I can't wait to try it. Stay safe with all that weather! Oh and those sweet potato fries- I need to find them!!

  6. Prayer said! I hope you don't get sick again too - that would be no fun at all!

    We're getting pounded by a winter storm too, but it's the kind with 50 MPH winds and 2 feet of snow. Snow day tomorrow! :)

  7. AHH I love grapefruit and sushi!! I have a place nearby that DELIVERS, aka during this Snowmageddon I will be ordering lots of sushi:)

  8. Praying for you girl! No one deserves to get the flu twice in 1 yr :(

  9. I'm praying! I get so anxious when Ryan gets sick. I hate to see him under the weather, but I also worry about him spreading his infection! Prayer worked for me last time, and I hope that we can keep the bug at bay for you! Thank you for sharing with me, my sweet friend. I hope you are staying safe and warm. It is even too cold in my part of the country...and I'm in Austin!

  10. Hey girlie!! I will def be sending the no sickness prayers your way....I just got over mine and it was awful!! :( I am sooo ready to say PEACE to January and snow and gloom and cold! I need to find some good sushi in Boston, that would be a ray of sunshine around here :D
    PS loveeee those fries too, you should try the waffle ones next- YUM!!
    :D xoxoxo feel better soon

  11. oh no! I hope he feels better soon!!

  12. Actually (and interesting enough) Pollen isn't a vegan-- he eats meat cautiously and with full awareness of where it comes from! i thought his justifications for eating meat were valid and he seems like he is really in tune with his morals and ethics around food and the environment.

    the show presented interesting points and helped me realize i'm not one to return to eating meat

    happy hump day :)

  13. Nothing but healthy thoughts your way and I hope Toly feels better!!

  14. Hope you don't get sick!

    And I love Alexa's other fries, still need to try those :)

  15. I hope you are not sick and are feeling better! Drink lots of fluids and take vitamins! I hope Toly feels better! :)

  16. Wish I could sleep til March too. I kind of think February is the worst month. I guess we don't have THAT long to go... ;)

  17. "becoming a more aware food consumer does not necessarily mean you need to give up foods that you love, in fact, he admitted to eating meat at least 3 times a week. It means becoming aware of the foods that you are eating, how they are prepared, who is preparing them, and ultimately how they are making you feel." This is exactly how I feel about food! It's about making better informed choices and taking care of your body by giving it what it requires. For some that's meat and for others it's not.

    Best vibes to Toly! Feel better soon!

  18. I've had those fries before and they are the only way I can stomach eating sweet potatoes!

    Hope Toly feels better and keeping my fingers crossed you don't get sick.


  19. January is most definitely my least favorite month! I can't wait for spring!

    Love your eats, especially the egg sammy! Interesting combo of flavors that I will have to try! I'm all about mixing sweet/savory/spicy things together!

    Hope the hubs feels better soon and you don't get it again! Sending feel good vibes!

  20. if you believe to become more aware of your foods, be more away for Alexia brand too. They contain MSG.