Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Close We Can Taste It

As much as I love to savor the weekends, I'm all about these next few weeks flying by.  I haven't really expressed this much on the blog, but Toly and I are both at our breaking point.  We've definitely entered that stage that everyone warned us about with the house.  The final weeks are the worst because you know it's so close but yet it seems like the days just crawl.  We can literally envision ourselves in our brand new home and as wonderful as that is to pull us through, it's still so difficult to wait.  I feel like I did when I was in the final weeks waiting for my wedding to come.  Overwhelmed, excited, nervous, anxious, and so impatient. 

We've had it really good at my parents and it has definitely saved us tons of money but mortgage or no mortgage, we're ready!! 

Breakfast this morning was nice, clam, quiet, and enjoyable.  We had the house to ourselves so I took advantage and prepared a real Sunday Morning Breakfast. 

Blueberry Banana Pancakes 

I topped mine with a nice amount of Banana Peanut butter, Banana Slices and Blueberries.  Not only was there fruit in the pancakes, but more fruit on top.  You can never go wrong.

It was great to sit down, read the paper, sip coffee and relax on a lovely Sunday morning.  Once breakfast was over, I had just enough time to change and run to my 10am Body Pump Class.

I love doing this class as my strength training on Sundays.  Sunday's are my rest days from any cardio and usually when I do my strength training.  Ideally, I would love to be able to take this class twice a week, but right now, it doesn't work into my schedule.  One day a week is still legit.  I can DEFINITELY notice huge differences in my capabilities from when I first started doing Pump.

I had to run to the store after class and then got home and showered and convinced Toly to go to my favorite coffee house for lunch.

Juice n' Java was packed with it's usual lunch crowd so we ordered a smoothie and played some games while we waited for our food.

30 min later, the food finally arrived.

My usual- Veggie Burger Greek Salad.  I gave the garlic bread to Toly which he added was extra garlicy.  The onions on my salad were enough, thank goodness I didn't overdo it with a double whammy of bad breath culprits.

It was a great lunch and impromptu afternoon date.  The real excitement of our day date was to sneak into the new house and play.

Here is the latest!

Siding is almost done….

1st layer of paint is on…..

Here is an up close of the siding.  We both are in love with the color.

 See guys, it's so close we can taste it!

For dinner, I had plans of making some kind of Italian meal, but when I was at the store, I spotted a sale on salmon and reminded myself how much I love salmon and how I haven't had it in ages.

 I made a Mediterranean Salmon coated in Sundried Tomato, Pine Nuts and Panko.  I also whipped up a random side of Mushrooms, Peppers, Chic Peas and Kale in a balsamic, lemon and parmesan sauce. Broccoli accompanied the meal.


Once I took the first bite, I realized how it was missing something.  Quickly, I ran into the kitchen and stirred up a Dijon Balsamic sauce to drizzle on top.  Now it was complete.

That's all I have for today.  Another full week ahead but guess what…..IT'S FEBRUARY!!!!  Thank goodness we are out of the worst month of the year.  (In my opinion) 

What is your favorite month of the year? Mine is August.  It's the hottest month of the year, it's the month we got married, and the month we usually plan our vacation. 



  1. I love June!
    It's the end of the school, and the beginning of summer vacation.
    P.S. I hate January too.
    P.S.S. Your house is coming together so nicely.

  2. When the house gets that close to is DEFINITELY difficult! Josh and I went through the same thing with our house in SC. AND we were living in a studio apartment with Frank!! So I totally feel for you :) Pancakes! We had them for dinner (so yummy). Glad you're loving pump. It is just an incredible workout. Favorite month of the year? Probably July or August. I am a summer girl all the way :)

  3. Eeek - house is looking great! I can't blame you for being so impatient. You'll be in there soon and forget all about the crazy wait though. :)

    Love Sunday afternoon lunch dates. :)

    Have a great week!

  4. What a great day! My favorite month is July. It's right in the middle of summer, it's my birthday, and our anniversary!

  5. Your new house is looking really great!! My favorite month is October - it's my birthday, my kids' birthday and my anniversary. I also love October weather, October baseball and Halloween!

  6. Your dinner looks so good! I need you to come over to my house and make me some of your delicious eats. My dinners are so boring in comparison. Your house is looking beautiful, and you will TREASURE having your own place again. I know that Ryan and I felt like we were in heaven after moving out of our parent's. Thank you for sharing your sweetness with me. I hope you have a joyful week full of continued good eating!

  7. ah yes, the anticipation is always the worst! but you're almost there!

  8. I love October. :-) It's the peak month for fall, apple picking time and my wedding annivesary!

  9. Your house is looking awesome, Lauren!!! :) So excited for you guys. It'll be here before you know it!