Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snack Monster

Hello beautiful people! 

First and foremost, I have to give a shout out to Toly's cousin and our dear friend Alla.  Today is her birthday and she deserves to be celebrated!  Happy Birthday Alla! :) 

I woke up to ice, snow and freezing rain.  It was basically one big winter mess and as inviting as it seemed to stay in bed, I had a busy day ahead. 

Breakfast was a big bowl of cereal. 

 Peanut Butter Puffins, Raisin Bran, Blueberries, Banana, Blueberry Chobani, 1/2 Banana Vita Top with Banana PB 

This bowl was rather large because I had one of those instances when there was a little more left in the PB Puffins bag that I would usually use, but not enough to save for another serving.  Obviously, it's a crime to throw away puffins, so in the bowl they went. 

 A few strawberries to compliment and breakfast was served.

Work was busy but thankfully, I didn't have anywhere to be.  It was a good day to be in the office because the roads were a mess and I had no intention of being out.

 For lunch, I put together something quick last night.

 Broccoli, Tofu, TJ's Chimichurri Rice, Spinach 

I was actually quite snacky all day.  Not sure if it had to do with being in the office or other reasons but after I ate this, I couldn't curb my appetite. 

I tried to tap into my sweet tooth. 

 LOVE these little wedges!

Still, it didn't work.  Then I craved salty.  I nibbled on some carrots and hummus and a few Whole Wheat Saltines.

Oddly, I was still sort of hungry.  Right before I left for the gym, I ate 1/2 a KIND Bar and then called it good.

Another great run and I blame it on the new kicks.

This is my first pair of Asics but I'm quickly becoming a fan.

I noticed today that they gym has cleared out significantly.  I really don't mean to be so cynical, but I knew it would only take a month.

When I got home, I waited for Toly to get home to start dinner.

Tonight it was crab cakes that I picked up from Trader Joe's yesterday.

And a side of Butternut Squash Fries. 

The crab cakes were good, but not great.  I definitely prefer Phillips to any frozen crab cake.

Now, I'm still kind of snacky.  Gosh, it must be for valid hormonal reasons.  Good thing I have this man to look forward to in the morning….

 More on that to come! ;)

If you go to a gym, is yours still full of newbies or has it died down a bit? 



  1. The gym has DEFINITELY cooled down. Kind of sad :( Glad to hear you stayed safe on the messy roads. We have those caramel/chocolate wedges- they are so tasty. I had a couple after dinner. I want those TJs crab cakes. Can't wait until ours opens!!

  2. No gym for me... boo unemployment. But I find it rather sad that so many people have such motivation after the New Year, and it's not even the end of the month before it clears out!

    By the way, your butternut squash fries look delicious! Any special way of fixing them?

  3. Asics are the best!!!!

    I was a total snack monster today too.

  4. I have been snacky lately too - I just love everything too much to NOT eat something every couple of hours! :)

  5. I love my Asics. :-)

    I get those snacky days too. Nothing seems to satisfy!

  6. I have been super snacky as well!
    I haven't noticed a super change in my gym, but it's super small. So it always seems crowded!

  7. Wow, people throwing in the towel (haha, pun) so soon? I figured they'd at least hang in there till March! I don't have a gym membership...I've tried in the past, but I always lose my motivation and just waste my money. I pretty proud of myself lately. I'm on my third consistent week of at home workouts!

    Sorry your crab cake wasn't as tasty as you had hoped, but let me say the plate looks fantastic! Love the beets and the drizzle of dressing/sauce!

    I just bought my first pair of Asics this summer and I absolutely LOVE them!

  8. Oh I have been SO snacky this week! I think it's from all the runnin' though..

    What kind of Asics are those?!?! THey're so stylin' I LOVE them!!

    And boy oh boy is our gym stiiiiilll full of all of the newbies. Hard to get my weight training it when people are takin' up every. single. machine!

  9. i just use my school gym.. but its small and ALWAYS crowded with teams.. YUCK!

  10. Cute new shoes! Nothing like a new pair of tennis shoes to make runs feel fun again!

  11. My gym never really got that busy in the new year, surprisingly. Thank god, I hate when it's crowded!

  12. The hubs and I love Asics! They are the only shoes he'll buy - he's been wearing them for years and got me on them too =) I am loving those butternut squash fries! Yummm!

  13. hey girl hey! i am soooo loving those new kicks - which model are they? i've never seen them, and i am a total Asics addict.

    i love your breakfast bowls.

    happy birthday to Alla!!!

    phillips crabcakes - i am officially on the lookout.

    insanity...you are insane for trying that.

    love you lady!!!!

  14. Those dark chocolate caramel wedges look fantastic! I'm seriously ready to head out to Trader Joe's for some right now. Apparently, I'm snacky too :)