Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm Doomed!!

I feel trapped.  I feel doomed.  I feel as though I am going to be victimized. 

From what you ask? 

THE FLU!!!! 

It's an epidemic here and I'm beginning to think its after me. 

Here is the line of culprits who have all be plagued. 

  • 3 of my direct co-workers
  • Toly
  • My Brother-in Law
  • My Sister (had some kind of bug) 
  • The teacher who I met with last week and was out for an entire week right after our meeting
  • And now…my MOM!! 

You tell me how good my chances are. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty terrified at this point.  Here's hoping good health is on my side. 

I seriously hope it's not coming my way, because it would be a shame to have to forget my day of eats. 


Cinnamon Puffins, Cinnamon Cheerios, Blueberries, Blackberries, Banana, Peach Chobani, Cinnamon Raisin PB, Flax

I could not decided between grapefruit or strawberries today, so I had a bit of both.

I had a few presentations this morning and a few hours to kill in between my afternoon session.  With some extra time, I took advantage of the Free Wi-Fi at Sbux and logged in to do some work while sipping on a tall soy misto with sf carmel.  Delicious!

When the presentations were over, I was ready for lunch.  Probably because I had plans to hit up Chipotle so obviously, it's all I thought about all morning.

 Wow, I just thought of how much a shame it would be if I really did get sick because I'm pretty sure my world would end if I couldn't face Chipotle ever again.

After the gym, coming home and whipping up dinner, I was exhausted.

Dinner was a bit of everything delicious.  BBQ tempeh, Roasted Kale, Pumpkin Mac and Cheese, Roasted Veggies, A piece of Pumpkin Cornbread. 
(To make pumpkin mac and cheese, I added a few spoons of canned pumpkin and greek yogurt to Annies Mac and Cheese.  It's really fantastic and takes it to a whole new level of good!) 

I'm off to go disinfect some more.  I will beat this thing!!! 

Has anyone gotten sick this year?  It seems to be going around the world and its not getting any better



  1. I have been sick... twice within a two week period. I didn't ever get the stomach bug that's going on, but I definitely had something!

  2. ahhhhhhhh! Stay healthy! With all those fruits & veggies...I feel like you have a good chance. You know I'm super jealous of your chipotle. Ohhhh their guac- so so good. No flu (knock on wood), over here yet

  3. Yeah, I've had three sinus infections this year. Combination of teaching and moving. There is something in the air that my sinus' don't like! Stay strong! I hate being sick, and my husband always seems to be out of town when it happens!

  4. Guess what? I had it last week (as you already knew), and my parents have it this week :(

  5. Oh no!!! hopefully the flu will spare you!! I haven't gotten sick, but I usually catch a cold at least once a year and I use it to my advantage by staying in pj's all day and making my boyfriend take care of me lol

  6. I haven't gotten sick (knock on wood). You should make sure to get plenty of vitamins & antioxidants & wash, wash, wash your hands constantly!

  7. I hope you'll be ok!

    I just made Annie's with greek yogurt tonight and adding pumpkin would have been a great idea! next time :-)

  8. OH noooo! Stay well! I'm seriously considering the flu shot since everyone seems to be getting it. Yikes! I'm getting a bad cold right now, thanks to the hubby. Praying you don't get sick!

  9. I'm currently trying to avoid the flu as we three year old has it right now and my mom was at my house this weekend and she is sick! I'm just Lysoling everything in sight and hoping to not get sick!! Hopefully you won't get sick either!

  10. I was sick for the last 2 wks and it's JUST starting to get a LITTLE better right now, haha. Gosh :( You'll be fine, just fight it as much as you can--and if it comes, then it comes. It'll go away eventually. Hang in there!

  11. Oh dear. this the season to get sick, huh? I hope you manage to stay clear of them...Fingers crossed for you, Lauren!

  12. oh dear!! feel better--- at least uv gotten up to some yummy food!

  13. I hope you manage to stay away from the flu! There is something going around and everyone is getting sick. I was just sick for a week and a half. I have the stomach thing and then 2 days later I got a really bad sore throat. I went to the doctor and they said that is the virus that is going around. It's awful. Fight this as much as you can! :)

  14. Oh no! Everyone is sick at my job, too... including the person who stands right next to me! Hope we both stay well.

  15. Better go pick up some airborne and vitamin c - good luck staying healthy!

  16. YIKES! I hope you dont end up getting the flu! Take care of yourself girl!

  17. Your meals all look so wonderful! Love all the colors! I will definitely have to try the pumpkin mac 'n cheese!