Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Welcome to December!  Wow, is it really December?  

I'd say November was a pretty good month.  We stayed busy so it just kind of flew by and now I'm definitely looking forward to keeping a nice relaxed and enjoyable pace for this month.  

After all, "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!" 

I had a few extra minutes this morning because I was presenting at a school that was right down the road from my parents house so with my extra time, I decided to make an extra special breakfast. 

Butternut Squash Banana Oats 

 I just realized that this kind of sounds like baby food right?  But I assure you, it tasted like a little bowl of heaven.

In my oats: 1/4 Cup Oats, Chia, Flax, Almond Milk, 1/2 Banana, Vanilla, Butternut Squash Puree 
Toppings: Blackberries, Cranberries, Pumpkin Granola, Mighty Maple PB 

In between my presentations, I had a nice lunch break so I took advantage of the short commute and headed home to eat something warm. 

I LOVE these!  I don't often eat frozen meals but these are my equivalent of a hot pocket.  J'adore!

With my hot pocket Spinach Feta Pocket Sandwich, I also heated up some broccoli and a side of Marinara.

And then I suddenly had a weird craving for raw veggies.  Fun little fact: Raw Mushrooms are one of my favorite things to eat and they always have been, even when I was a little girl. 

Carrots, Tomatoes, Mushrooms with Ranch

Veggies and Dip was a fantastic little dessert to this meal. 

I had quite an usual experience at the gym tonight.  I was in the middle of a run when this woman decides to get on the treadmill right beside me (hate that!).  Anyways, she gets on and starts to walk at an easy pace.  After 5 min, she gets off, starts breathing through her mouth, waving her arms back and forth and puts her head between her legs.  Then she gets back on and starts to sing to her iPod quite loud.  She walks another 5 min, gets off, and does the same thing.  

The entire thing was completely distracting and odd.  I couldn't really figure her out but she put a damper on my run because I couldn't hear Oprah over her obnoxious singing. 

When I got home, Toly and I headed out for Date Night.  

We both were feeling so deprived from BFD so we had the great idea of making date night a reason to go out for BFD.  

Cracker Barrel was the choice restaurant for breakfast (or so we heard).  I actually don't think I have stepped into a Cracker Barrel in over 10 years but we figured good old country cookin' couldn't be bad when it comes to breakfast. 

I do remember the games at the table.  Quite entertaining while you wait, I must say.

We waited an usual amount of time for our food and by the time it came out, we were both starving.

I had 2 eggs, a biscuit, and cinnamon apples 

Truthfully, this was nothing special.  I'm not sure why people rave about going out for food like this.  Even the waitress told me that I could have come over to her house and she would have made me what I ordered.  

But I was hungry and ate it all.  Toly's Cinnamon French Toast was good!  It definitely tasted more like a funnel cake so we polished that off for dessert. 

After breakfast dinner, we did a little Christmas shopping and called it a night. 

Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday already.  Who's ready for the weekend? 

Have you ever had a weird encounter with someone at the gym?  I want to hear your most awkward gym experience! 



  1. Hooray for a little extra time in the morning. And I know I've told this before but I love that Amy's meal too. That lady at the gym sounds VERY wacky. Sorry your breakfast out wasn't very good? Cracker barrel isn't my fav for that type of breakfast food. Southern brunch spots really do that up right!

  2. here is my awkward gym story:
    i am an unassuming 5'8" 145 lb guy that looks like anybody's kid brother. this one dude who was 15 yrs older than me would always use the treadmill next to me at 530 am. there were abunch of treadmills and he would park it next to mine. secondly, his breathing was like darth vader. third, he smelled like garlic, curry and b.o. painfully, he would want to chat too. i would be hitting 8-10 mph on the belt and he thinks i want to talk?
    another painful experience was using dumbells. i would take the weights (35-40) lbs and do shoulder or bicep work. these fitness chickies would be behind me and get angry. when i found out i was "blocking their view of themselves flexing and practicing poses" they told me to move. painfully again, the gym was near empty and they "needed to be" at the corners because they were lucky flexing spots.!?!
    get a life people. i seem to bring out the weird in weirdo's

  3. I definitely have seen my fair share of weird gym rats. I get so uncomfortable when people grunt really loudly when they lift weights. Seriously? Do you really need to make so much noise? You scare me!!!

  4. I once saw a man sneeze, then wipe his hands on the handles of the elliptical. SO GROSS AND AWKWARD!! Ugh. I've never gone out to eat breakfast for dinner, but I love the idea- I prefer simple foods in the morning, and heavier stuff at night!

  5. Your veggies and dip looks so good I havent had it in forever. I think I need to change that. I was really disappointed in Cracker Barrel the last time I went as well. Which was a total bummer.


  6. funnel cake French toast? now THAT's a meal i could have no problem going for :)

    and those Amy's pockets are my absolutely fave. SO GOOD! hope you are having a marvelous day dear Lauren :)

  7. What a weirdo at the gym, I wonder what the deal was?? When I had a gym membership, this guy would always get on the elliptical next to mine and he was a total nasty sweater, and he would fling his head so it went everywhere... OMG makes me want to vomit just thinking about it again!

    My Dad LOVED Cracker Barrel...I never understood why.


  8. i've been wanting to try that frozen spinach pie for a year now - i think when i FIRST saw it on your blog?

    once when i went to the gym i noticed this woman kept staring at me on the weight machines. i thought she was judging my form, or the fact that i don't know what i'm doing, and when she approached me i thought she was going to criticize me. turns out she had just seen me in a movie and wanted to ask if it was me. then i got embarassed that she saw me struggling so much!