Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Fridays and A Romantic Weekend

I'm having a fantastic weekend so far and I hope that all of you are as well.  

Let's begin with a recap of yesterday. 

For some reason, work on Friday's always has a different feel for me.  I wake up knowing that I'm going to be in a good mood all day because even if it would happen to be a bad day, I ALWAYS have the weekend to look forward to.  

But just to make sure that Friday's are always started off on the right note, I take the necessary steps to ensure.  First, I usually add a new workout.  My morning workouts are pretty routine and lately, I've been working on some boot camp interval material of my own.  (More on that at a later time though).  But yesterday, I noticed that Jillian Michael's Six Week Six Pack was on the Exercise Channel.  I've heard about this new workout and I have been interested, one because I have a huge girl crush on Jillian, and two because I've been seriously slacking on ab workouts.  I like doing them, but I never really feel like they are enough.  I prefer an overall workout that incorporates strength, cardio, and abs to feel truly accomplished but sometimes you just need to focus on each part to really get the effects you want.  

Anyways, back to the workout, it was FANTASTIC!  I should have never doubted that Jillian wouldn't deliver an intense heart pumping routine will some killer ab moves.  The thing I love most about her workouts are that they always challenge me.  I really want to get this DVD and try Level 2.  Has anyone else tried it yet? 

Another step I take to ensure a good Friday is making an extra special breakfast.  I force myself to break out of my norm with Yogurt, Fruit and Cereal and add a little spice and everything nice. 

How would this not put a smile on your face? 

Strawberry Banana Split Waffles

2 Natures Path Waffles, Strawberry Banana Chobani, Bananas, Strawberries, Dark Chocolate Dreams PB, Granola Sprinkles 

I drizzled a swirl of agave, rolled up my sleeves, and devoured!  It was something to remember. ;) 

I spent a little time in the office in the morning and then had a few meetings on the other side of town.  Around 11:30am, I made a quick stop home to make a few calls, check my mail and heat up lunch. 

Leftover Minestrone Soup 

I love how hearty and thick this soup turned out.  It's more like a "stoup" which is just the way I prefer.  You can't see, but I layered this on a bed of lightly steamed baby spinach and topped with a pinch of grated parmesan. 

And I'm still on this raw veggie and dip kick.  

The rest of work just flew by and before I knew it, I was out and onward to the gym.  Nothing serious tonight, just a light 3 mile run to unwind.  I actually had big plans following so I wanted to get home as soon as possible. 

Only I did not go "home", I went to the other parent's home.  Toly's parents are out of town so we decided to sneak away for the weekend to their house. 

Honestly, it kind of feels like we are teenagers sneaking around when the parents are away.  I almost felt guilty but then I realized, wow this is actually kind of fun.  It's like we are young again!  Not that we EVER snuck around when we were teenagers. ;) 

We decided on Chinese for dinner. 

It felt soooooooo good to spend time together.  The past few months have been really hard.  I'm sure any of you who have had to move back in with your family for a period of time know what I mean.  As great as it is to be surrounded by family all the time, you start to loose that sense of personal intimacy in your marriage.  Honestly, I think it will make us stronger in the end, but it's also important to stay connected by doing things together just as a couple.

We relaxed on the couch with our take out and wine and watched 500 Days of Summer.  Cute movie by the way.

Awhile later, we both got a little craving for something sweet and fun and decided to make brownies together.

Best part about making brownies…….

Half way through our brownie making, we turned on each other and the fighting began.

No, not like that!  I meant with a good old fashion brownie batter food fight.  And the best part about these kind fights….

Making up with chocolate kisses. 

Today has been just as wonderful.  I started the day with a fantastic Body Attack class followed by the most amazing Body Flow class.  Tonight, we have plans for a lovely date night out on the town. 

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves this weekend! 



  1. such yummy eats! I love the raw veggies except Ive never been able to try a raw mushroom! i have some weird fear.. do they taste good?

  2. Aw :) So glad you're having such a nice weekend. Chinese food and brownies sounds pretty perfect to me! And glad you also attended a kick butt Attack & flow class. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  3. That sounds like SUCH a great weekend Lauren! I know exactly what you mean. When we were engaged, we both lived with our parents while renovating our house... talk about NO alone time!!

  4. TOO precious! i love brownie batter fights. esp with chocolate make up kisses :)

    enjoy th eday!

  5. What a great way to spend the weekend! Hope you have a great date night!

  6. I love workout videos! I haven't tried that one you're talking about, but when I had Netflix I'd get the workout DVDs streaming live to the X-Box. It was so convenient!

  7. Aww you guys are so adorable. It IS so important to spend one on one time away from others with the one you care about :)

  8. Aww i am SO glad yall got to getaway!! I love your attitude- it WILL make you both stronger! And intimacy is soo important in a marriage! its so easy to lose that sometimes! (from what i hear!) have a blast!

  9. Aw, I love your pics with you and adorable. I've never had a bf or husband (duh) so I can't imagine how much work it takes to keep up with the intimacy. But you guys are doing great! :-)