Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Process of Progress

Some days, I feel like the world works against us.  Some days, I feel like we work against the world.  But most days, I feel optimistic, confident, encouraged, idealistic, and entirely blessed.  Those are the days I base my life on.  The person who I really am is a result of the "most" days.  Even so, like everyone else, I suffer from those times of distress and as hard as I try not to let it show, the fact that I am an extrovert doesn't hide my emotions very well.  

These past few days have been stressful, tense, and hard; but, I'm holding my head up high because I know that it will all be okay.  Nothing comes easy that is worth while and what we are going through is definitely worth it.  

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I work it out.  Tomorrow will be a GREAT day!! 

As my one co-worker says, 

"the process is so much stress but its the progress that feels the best"

Duly Noted Doug!  

(Doug really wanted to make the blog and I told him that usually this requires taking me out to lunch, but  he gets brownie points for making me smile every single day at work.  This doesn't mean the lunch part is overlooked though Doug! ;) 

 Finally, back to a regular post full of new products, good food, and even BFD. Fasten your seat belts…….

I love this time of year for all the seasonal products that start to fill the shelves.  Pumpkin will always be my first love but another close favorite during the holidays is anything cranberry. 

Much to my pleasure, this bread struck a major interest. 

I pulled off the end piece (I love the end pieces, anyone else?) and pulled out another new amazing product I received.

This was sought out at Trader Joe's this past weekend.

Back to the bread, I spread a layer of the cream cheese on the toasted bread and topped with mashed banana and cinnamon.

Breakfast Bowl of Nature's Path Sunrise, Berries, Raspberry Chobani and Galaxy Granola.

I loved the bread.  In fact, I loved it so much I used it again today, but you'll have to wait until dinner to see that.

Next new product…

This is my second time trying Moo Moo's Vegetarian Cuisine and I was equally impressed with this meal than I was the first one. 

The ingredient list was impressive and the stats weren't so bad either. 

You know I usually opt out of frozen meals when I can, but it has just been "that" kind of week.  I've really not had a "lunch break" all week, so these are the best I can get. 

Naturally, I added a few touches to make it more appealing and fit my style. 

The first thing I noticed about these Chick Pea Patties was the size.  Even though they fell apart during the transfer from box to plate, they were impressively large. The picture on the box doesn't do them justice as they were about the size of a small veggie burger. 

I add Baby Spinach, some Corn and Black Bean Salsa, Tomato, and Greek Yogurt and I loved it!  The patties tasted very good but I'm thinking they might have been a tad bland on their own.  They did, however, make an excellent base in this mexican salad creation. 

Finally, many of you have probably been wondering if we would be partaking in the weekly BFD (Breakfast for Dinner) tradition now that we are staying with my parents. 

And the answer is, ABSOLUTELY!  My parents actually requested BFD become a staple in their weekly menu as well.  Rightfully so, BFD is a family favorite. 

I decided to kick off the festivities with our classic, Egg Sammies. 

The Cranberry Bread came out again along with spinach, scrambled egg, avocado, Dijon, Pumpkin Butter and Goat cheese. 

 And a pile of roasted sprouts.  Classic, delicious!

My dad was sold.  BFD is back!

Which makes this guy one happy hubby.  

Okay, so tomorrow is the day!!  I'll be back to tell you the news but please wish us luck.  We need all the well wishes we can get. ;) 

Goodnight everyone!  



  1. Sending luck your way for SURE! That bread? Amazing?! I love the regular cinnamon swirl bread (my mom always made it for me growing up) and I know I'd love this variety. And that cream cheese? Pumpkin? rock. Oh and the butt of the bread is 100% the best part. Glad the family got in the BFD action.

  2. i'm also a fan of cranberries-- but i feel theyve been overshadowed by everyones love for pumpkin. what about a mix of the two?

    ive been wanting to try a chickpea patty! was thinking about making my own but maybe ill cheat and try TJs!

  3. I'm thinking of you! I loved Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Bread growing up, so I can only imagine how great this Cranberry edition must taste. I haven't done much with cranberries yet, but I'm in the mood to start baking with them soon! Keep your chin up sweetheart!

  4. all those new products sound amazing!!!

    you're right - everything will be okay. doesn't make trudging thru the shit any easier, but know there's light at the end of the tunnel, and we're all here rooting you on!

  5. Hugs to you! I'll send some prayers your way - I loved how you said that your "most" days make you who you are. I totally agree.

    That bread looks delish - I love the end pieces. I like calling them the "butt" though. It's more fun!

  6. I looove the end piece of bread. That bread looks delicious BTW.

    Good luck tomorrow!! :-)

  7. I hope everything is ok, good luck with whatever it is that's causing you so much stress! *Hugs*


  8. Good luck to you Lauren! Those Brussels sprouts look wonderful!

  9. Thanks for including us so often in your diet! You make our CHO look super duper tasty. Where on earth do you find such plump, delicious looking berries? Yum!


    Communications Manager
    Chobani Greek Yogurt

  10. Good luck to you! Your breakfast looks so delicious!

  11. That bread looks awesome! Have you tried their cinnamon raisin? No words...

  12. Lovin' Galaxy Granola! FYI: I just found out that it's baked in fruit puree (as opposed to oil...hello - fried!) so it's one of the healthiest options out there. Super good too...thanks for you blog :)

  13. Don't we all have days where we feel stressful and have to struggle to keep our nose above water? When I feel like that, I always remember what my son said to me, "It will pass." All the best!