Monday, November 1, 2010

Love (and pumpkin) Cures All

"Do what you love and do it often." 

This was said by Portia de Rossi today on Oprah regarding her beliefs on exercise.  I've never really knew much about the actress, other than she was married to Ellen, and that I always thought she was incredibly beautiful.  Today, Oprah interviewed her on her extremely emotional and heart breaking battle she endured during the prime of her young adult life. 

During her time of "coming out", not only did suffer from neglect and repudiation from her family, she was also deteriorating in agonizing battle against a sever eating disorder. 

Although I don't intend to dive into the topic of eating disorders tonight, I did want to point out how fascinating her interview was.  I really found Portia quite remarkable and extremely articulate on her views and beliefs.  The one aspect of her life that she stressed was feeling that sense of belonging and the idea that love cures all.  When you feel like you belong and someone can accept you for who you are, it's so much easier to accept yourself for you are. 

Amen Portia, Amen! 

Speaking of love being the cure to all, let me add on to this sentiment by also stating that pumpkin may just be another remedy to life. 

Or at least, Overnight Pumpkin Oats can turn a not so good morning into a fantastic one. 

 The perfect trio of Trader Joe's Condiments went on top: Pumpkin Butter, Peanut Butter, Cran-Apple Butter.

 I also finished the rest of the strawberries that were on their last leg.  I've noticed that berries still taste good but they definitely don't last nearly as long.

It was a very long day at work.  I don't really want to talk about it but hopefully I'll be ready to discuss tomorrow.  It really has nothing to do with work at all, just life business.

Being such a busy and stressful day led me to mindless consume lunch at my desk.  I grabbed a salad at the mall on my way back from an early morning presentation.  I love these MYO Salad places but they do end up costing a small fortune for just a few ingredients.
 I think I put just about everything I was allowed to within my limit in this one.  Beets, Cucumber, Chic Peas, Tofu, Olives, Avocado.  The dressing was some kind of balsamic that I thought I would be okay, but it actually tasted really gross.  Maybe it's just my taste for natural dressings or maybe it was lite? but it tasted extremely sour and fake.

When I got off work today, I needed to mentally unwind, and yes, I do this by running and no, I don't have a problem.  I like to run, it makes me feel good and that is why I do it.  End of story!

I ran today for 5 mindless miles.  As I ran, I thought about why I run.  There are definitely times when I run for endurance, for speed, for competition, but then there are also times when I run for me.  Today was one of those days.  I channel my stress into checking out and just run.  I don't think, I don't push myself, I just run.  I ran today without any pain or struggle or goal. It felt great, and no not every run feels great, but this one did.

When I got home, my dad was fully engaged in the kitchen doing what he loves the most.  Cooking!

You will all see where I get my love to cook from over the next few months. I learned everything I know from him and I fully attribute my passion to this man.

Shrimp and Vegetable Stir Fry 

Wild Asian Rice 

Miso Soup 

It was all so fantastic and tasted incredible after a long hard day.  I'm usually not an egg roll fan (because most of them are made with meat) but my dad even made Vegetable Egg Rolls with me in mind.  I had to have one obviously! :) 

A glorious Chinese Dinner at its finest! 

And with that, I'm going to say goodnight.  I promise I'll be back tomorrow with an update on the current status of our lives. 

Adios my friends! 



  1. I have heard others saying really good things about that interview- I will have to see if its online somewhere. Sorry to hear the day was kind of stressful :( Hopefully tomorrow will be much better. A good run/workout always relieves my stress. And your dad rocks- what a fab din din!

  2. Yum! Your dad looks like an awesome cook!

  3. Sorry your day was stressful! :( At least you got to come "home" to some delicious food, and I hope everything settles down soon, girl!!

  4. I learned so much about Portia today and she is one of my new favorite celebrities! What an elegant, lovely lady. I never watched Ally McBeal (despite our similar name) so I was never really exposed to her.

    I keep forgetting you are at home now. Hooray for our cooking dads :)

  5. Oh that sounds like a great interview! Does Oprah come on hulu or any other internet portal where I can watch? And I really need to jump on the Trader Joe's train because those toppings look downright decadent!

  6. wowwwwwwww Portia is so neat!! Love = healing. Completely agreeeeee!!
    I just need a little more self-love!!!

    Love your eats........and man, feel free to mail me some pumpkin cornbread!! :)


  7. that was bold of her to state the ovious on oprah. alot of times people with illness want to hide or stay hidden. amen for her strength. i hope that the men who have it will take courage from her and come clean as well. the ladies arent the only one with anorexia.
    as always, your pics are great and yummy

  8. Sounds like a great interview!
    All of your eats look amazing as always :)


  9. I'm sad I missed the Oprah show today - I've heard clips of the interview, but I'll have to look it up online.

    I love seeing your meal combinations ;) And it's fun to see where you get your creative food streak from!

  10. I really need to watch this Oprah interview- everyone is talking about it!! Going to look for it on YouTube right now :)

  11. Just discovered your blog! :D My husband mentioned that he saw a bit of Portia's interview, and said it sounded really interesting. I'm thinking of picking up a copy of her new book! (and maybe I'll catch the interview online!)

    I can totally relate to those mindless runs where you just run for you-- it can be so therapeutic!

    And I'm drooling over your pumpkin oats... ;)

  12. i started watching that oprah interview - i want to save it for when i can give it the proper time and attention. it's kinda MADE for my issues, non? i think she's incredible.

  13. Your dad makes homemade eggrolls?! Oh wow, that is awesome. And a wonderful end to a not as wonderful day. Hope the week ends better than it started!