Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving 2010, what a success! 

We've started the tradition of doing Thanksgiving at my sister and brother in-law's house a few years ago and it just stuck.  We all bring our contributions to make one big feast! 

Toly and I arrived early to help set up and everyone followed shortly after. Toly wanted to be sure he had his spot picked out for when the turkey was carved so that he could be the first to sample. 

 Speaking of turkey, this little bird was full of laughs, smiles and giggles today.  Weston's first Thanksgiving was definitely enjoyed by all.

My dad is in charge of the turkey.  He cooked it all morning and saved the carving for right before we ate. 

My contributions- Baked Cornbread Casserole (this was fantastic!), Roasted Maple Squash, Green Beans with Almonds.

More of the spread- Mac and Cheese, Stuffing Balls, Mashed Potatoes

My favorite dish of all- Sweet Potato Casserole

The meat- Gobble Gobble

My plate had a bit of everything (minus the turkey).  Everyone asks me how I can possible bypass the meat but look, where would I even fit it? If you ask me, the turkey is the most ordinary part about Thanksgiving.  I really don't miss it at all.

I tired to hold back on seconds of the sweet potato casserole but I just couldn't.  I only get this stuff once a year and I couldn't let another bite wait for 365 days. 

Stuffed but so delighted. 

We waited a few hours and eventually pulled out dessert.

Two Pies- My dad made a Raspberry Pear and I made an Oatmeal Pecan.

 I tried one of each and both were scrumptious!

Actually, if I do say, I think my Oatmeal Pecan Pie could have been one of the best baked creations I've ever made!

Everything was wonderful about today.  I am so thankful to have such a loving and supportive family and the most amazing people to share these moments with.  

Whatever you did today, I hope it was memorable and full of love.  

To you and your family, Happy Thanksgiving! 



  1. hooray for your baked good coming out so well!! It looks fabulous (as do all of your dishes). I love the idea of stuffing balls. Happy thanksgiving!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Lauren!!!

    Look at you and that oatmeal pecan pie!!!!! I would die for a bite of that and I'm stuffed to the brim already :)

  3. I loved Sweet Potato casserole! :) Our sweet potato dish today though had a marshmallow garnish. I love just good old fashioned sweet potatoes, it was just a little bit too sweet. Your nephew looks adorable!

  4. I know what you mean about sweet potato casserole - so delicious! It's always my favorite "side" too (if you can call it a side - it's more like dessert, lol) : )

  5. Hey beautiful girl!!!! I dont blame you about the sweet tater casserole- i did the same w. my nanas home made mac and cheese as well!!! So glad you all had an AWESOME thanksgiving - you deserved it lauren!

  6. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people you love most!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend :)