Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That's Enough!

Okay, so I need to get real. 

Those of you that know me, know that I strive to be as genuine and honest as I possibly can.  Whatever I say, whatever I do, and whatever I eat, I do all of these things solely for the purpose of me and me alone.  If, by chance, my own experiences, passions, and examples inspire or shed any light on others, than that is just an added bonus and I truly feel grateful that I have some kind of impact in this world.  Now, that being said, please take this disclaimer as more of a stress on my main purpose for writing this blog and sharing my life and experiences with others.  I do not write with the expectations of people assuming I am always right, I live the perfect life, or I think others should do just as I do.  I write because I have a passion for health, happiness and life itself and I only hope that the experiences that I have endured and the accomplishments I have made give hope, encouragement and inspiration to others.  

With the recent controversy over the Marie Claire article on the risk of health bloggers and after several judgmental "anon" comments that have popped in the past few weeks on my posts, I just felt like I needed to restate my intentions.  

If you don't agree with what I say or what I do, then please don't read or comment.  I try very hard not to judge others in my life and I truly think that the only person worthy enough to lay judgement on another human being is themselves. 

I may not be perfect, but I'm happy, I'm healthy and that's enough. 

Wow, that felt good to get out.  Another core reason I have this blog is to exert my feelings and I had many feelings built up that needed to be released. But I'm done now. 

Let's talk about one of the other purposes of this blog.  The food! 

Overnight Chocolate Covered Raspberry Oats

1/4 Cup Irish Oats, Raspberry Chobani, 1/2 Mashed Banana, Flax and Chia, 1 tsp Coco Powder (Overnight) 
Raspberries, 1/2 Banana, Granola, Dark Chocolate Almond Butter
 (Added Toppings) 

The coco powder is really the magic component in this oats. What could be better than eating the equivalent of brownie batter for breakfast?  You tell me. 

Lunch was eaten in between appointments and allowed me to empty one more thing from the freezer.  Amy's Spinach and Feta Pocket is probably my favorite frozen meal of all time.  Although, as you can see, this was not my entree.  No, the 2 cups of marinara sauce was the staple on this plate.  Everything else were just enhancements or served as a caveat for me to justify not eating a jar of marinara sauce for lunch, which I would definitely consider if it weren't for the lack of fiber. 

I did make a "real" entree for dinner though. And by real, I mean something that one would actually find in a normal cookbook.

Pecan Encrusted Dijon Tilapia

Look at that!  A normal dinner plate.  Now, if I ate this like a normal human being that would really be something.  I can not lie, the fish, the salad, and asparagus was all cut into pieces and mixed together as one big mess on the plate.  Gosh, when you love all the food this equally, it just wouldn't be fair to segregate.

Now, it's time to wallow over the horrific loss of the Phillies.  Ugh, that was hard to watch.

Ciao for now!



  1. sorry about the phillies and sorry about the anonymous mean comments! you handle it all well - and that's why i love reading your blog!

  2. A.FREAKING.MEN. Much love to you, dear Lauren.

  3. That article caused a lot of damage in my opinion. It was terrible.

    Mixed up, combined food = amazingness.

  4. Hey girl! Even though I don't always agree with everything you write, I still always enjoy reading your blog. Reading things that we disagree with helps shape our own worldview. Don't worry about the haters and what mean people say (if there is one thing I have learned owning a dance studio is that just because everyone has an opinion, it does not make them an expert). I say ... don't be afraid to let people who disagree with you post. Because people watch to see how you respond to them. If you're confident in who you are and the life choices that you've made/are making, then who cares anyway? Haters eventually prove themselves wrong or tire of being hateful anyway. :) I did not read the Marie Claire article, but will soon. :) Keep bloggin'!

  5. AMEN. I just wrote a similar post...it's so ridiculous and hurtful that some people have nothing better to do than bring others down. It's a blog, not a newspaper or a required reading book. If you don't like it, don't read, right?!

    I'm soooo with you on marinara sauce. A good one is hard to find, but then I eat it like soup!

  6. That article was SO destructive. Should there be an open dialogue in the healthy living blogging community about loving ourselves first and formost? Absolutely. But that article set us back instead of raising us up!

    Separately, those chocolate raspberry overnight oats looked AMAZING. Adore.

  7. i've come to the conclusion that some people CHOOSE to see the negative in everything; regardless of what you do, you will NEVER be able to make EVERYONE happy. unfortunately it took me a long time to realize that, which led me to feel inadequate and guilty about things for an unnecessary amount of time. since then, i've been SO much happier, keeping in mind that people will always vary in their opinions...i agree with you, judging people is NOT our place. keep bloggin' girl and chin up ;)

  8. girl i am sorry about lame comments- people need to GET A LIFE and stop trying to bring others down with them.. that makes me so mad!! Judging people is NOT anybodys place, NOBODY is perfect either!! If someone is 100% perfect (which is only Jesus) , then they have a right to judge. your blog is awesome and i love it! I think it is super positive!

  9. Sorry about those comments. I am honestly shocked that you receive them. Your blog is such a place of joy and happiness for me. Some people just take pleasure in hurting others. You are someone with a beautiful, blossoming life, and I imagine that can provoke some jealousy. And I must admit that I'm a bit jealous...of that fish! Wow! I want some pecans and tilapia pronto!

  10. ugh....I hate silly anon commenters. I don't get the point. What are they gaining. Glad you addressed it head on. Amy's Spinach and Feta Pocket is one of my favorite frozen meals as well. Flaky and delicious. And the crusting on the tilapia is done just beautifully. Hang in there. And have a FABULOUS week

  11. Hi Lauren! I am catching up on your blog and I just want to say that you really have inspired me! There have just been so many things in my life lately that have helped to give me a little push to be more aware of my body, be healthier, workout consistently and stay happy overall! Reading your blog is another one of those "little pushes" and it's helped convince me (with a little convincing from friends too) to sign up for the 10k and be more conscious of what I eat! So thank you for writing because your positivity and passion is so awesome to me!