Friday, October 22, 2010

The End of The Beginning

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." 

 As I sit here in my empty living room, alone, on a worn out futon, I realize that I've reached the end of a milestone.  I remember when Toly and I bought this house.  It was our first significant step in becoming adults, in becoming a unity, in becoming accomplished.  We were so proud of what we gained and saw this house as being a symbol of our lives together.  It would be the resting place where we would build our lives and come home to each other every night after facing the world apart.  Our home would bring us together every single night, safe and sound and secure.

Our First Christmas in our new home

I know that everything to come is a true blessing.  It's also a thrilling adventure and a frightening endeavor simultaneously occurring at the same time.  Bitter Sweet is a better way to describe it.  As excited as I am to embark on this exciting new milestone, I'm also feeling heavy hearted knowing that this is the end of the beginning.  

I will miss our first home, I will miss many things about it, but I'll always cherish the memories and look forward to creating new memories in the next abode.  

Well, needless to say, I'll probably be MIA this weekend as we move into my parents house but I'll be back with a recap of the move. 

In the meantime, please enjoy my musings from today. 

Breakfast started with a lovely Pear Yogurt Mess.

1 Red Pear, 1/4 Cup Kashi Harvest Wheat, Vanilla Chobani, Granola, Almond Butter

Say goodbye to these dishes for awhile.  They are getting packed tomorrow and won't return until they are unpacked in my new kitchen. 

It was kind of a stressful morning, and I had to rush home to eat lunch quick before I taught some afternoon classes. I heated up the leftover stir fry for a very fast, simple and easy lunch.  It was also early but I was hungry so I didn't seem to mind an 11:30am lunch hour. 

After what seemed like an unusually long day, probably because of so many different things to do and places to be in the course of a few hours, I came home and packed. 

Eventually, I realized I hadn't eaten any thing since 11:30am and I suddenly got very hungry.  That stir fry kept my hunger at by for almost 7 hours! 

I heated up one of my favorite "single girl" dinners. 

Baked Bean Topped Sweet Potato 

I swear, if I were a single girl, my dinners would consist of things like this.  Oh and cereal, I admit there are so many nights when all I want is a big bowl of cereal for dinner, but I kind of feel obligated to make a nutritious balanced meal for me and Toly to enjoy together.  Obligated in a good way though. ;) 

Along side my potato, I made an Apple, Walnut, Feta Salad with Avocado and maple dijon balsamic. 

Delish! Delightful! Devoured! 

Now I'll sit back and enjoy the last night in our precious little town-home.  Sad?  A bit.  But feeling so blessed and captivated by the next chapter of our lives. 



  1. awww :) You will always have the wonderful memories of your first REAL place together. The new place will bring even more good times. I agree- I could eat a stuffed potato or squash every night and never complain. Tasty, filling, nutritious, whats not to love? Have a great last night. I will miss you this week!

  2. aw good luck with the move-- I hope everything runs smoothly.

    love the quote, and i love new beginnings. :)

  3. Good luck moving this weekend! Right now I cannot even imagine leaving my house I have made with the Husband!!

  4. good luck with the move. i am starting to say goodbye to some dear friends who are going back to the east coast. they seem so frazzled right now. moving is never easy!

  5. It's bittersweet :) Can't wait to see what new memories you make!

    Can I have some of that stuffed sweet potato?? It looks awesome!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS on the move! What a huge step... and to have already lived in one home which you BOUGHT?! You're so together, lady, it's an inspiration :-)

  7. I hope everything is going ok with your move. Moving is always so bittersweet and is a good marker of phases in our lives. Good luck with what the future holds!

  8. Aww I hope everything is going well with the move!! Bittersweet is definitely a good way to describe it, but just think of all the great memories you'll make in your new home :)