Monday, September 20, 2010

Polls Open Today

Hey guys!!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite Project Food Blog Entry.  Voting opens today!

This is going to be one tough competition, just take a look at some of these fantastic ladies who I'm up against!

The Marvelous Mara
Fantastic Anne! 
The Captivating Caitlin 
Kind and (K)aring Kirstin 
The Beautiful Brandi 
The Amazing Ashley 
The Astounding Allie

And so many more!!!!

Aside from all of these wonderful girls, if you feel so inclined to cast your vote for my post, I would be forever grateful!  I'll even kiss your baby! :)

Voting found here:



  1. Voted for you! Whoop whoop. I'm glad we can vote for multiple people right now!<3

  2. I voted for you earlier :D As soon as I saw your name pop up on all of the entries page!!


  3. You're a doll--I've already casted my vote for you! Thank you for the shoutout!

  4. aw, youve got my vote girlfriend!

    have a great night!
    bec xo