Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Blog is My Strength

As many of you are aware, Foodbuzz is currently hosting a great contest called Project Food Blog. I too, decided to jump on this bandwagon and give my best attempt to compete in some good clean fun. I've always loved a competition!

The first challenge is actually quite a challenge.  I was thinking that the posts would entail creating the most extraordinary or unusual food concoctions, which I am all about.  However, when I read that we must come up with an entire post that defines who I am as blogger and why I should be the next Food Blogger Star, I froze.  I wasn't expecting the first challenge to be so deep and heartfelt, but as I thought more about it, the more I realized how perfect it was to kick off this competition.

My First Blog Challenge: Ready, Set, Blog! 

A few days ago, a friend and I were chatting about the idea of tattoos. To be honest, I’ve never really supported the process of permanently staining my body to better my appearance; however, as we emerged deeper into the conversation, I started thinking that there are some justified reasons why one would choose to make such an eternal statement.  The notion of placing an image somewhere on my body that would constantly remind me of who I am and how I felt about myself began to intrigue me.  After I accepted the idea, I then began to contemplate what expression would be the most defining description of who I am.  A few thoughts bounced back and forth, but one word stood out so clearly, it was evident this would be my distinguishing characteristic.


I’ve never considered myself a strong person by nature.  I’ve always been the girl who needed the extra push on to the monkey bars or the girl who asked a man to open the pickle jar. But as I got older, I began to develop my strength in more ways than just my physical capabilities.  

Wanting to be strong dates back to a particular time in my childhood when I vividly remember sitting on top of the kitchen counter while my mom prepared lunch.  As she pulled out the can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup along with the rusty old can opener, I demanded being the victorious one by opening the can and pouring its contents into the sauce pan.  If for some reason she forgot and opened it herself, I would refuse to eat it.

Cooking and strength have gone hand in hand my entire life.  It doesn’t seem like a natural arrangement; but for me, I saw my skills in the kitchen as an outlet for unleashing my power.  Although I often feel relaxed, passive, and entirely captivated in the surroundings of food, it took a long time for me to reach that point of pleasure.  I always knew I had a gift; it just took many years to appreciate it for all that it was worth.

People often tell me that they envy how much time I have to be able to create such extraordinary meals almost every night of the week.  I must also have copious amounts of money to be spending top dollar on superlative ingredients that are probably not even sold in any reasonable store they would consider.  I wish this were true. 

I would love to be able to spend most of my hours in the kitchen.  I wish I had a surplus of unnecessary cash to spend on the most exquisite foods, but plain and simple, I don’t. The trick is making it look as though I do.

I have a passion and with that passion comes my strength.  I love being able to artistically unleash my thoughts and feelings onto a blank canvas of a dinner plate.   Sharing my passion with others also makes me stronger as not only a cook, but a person.  

My blog serves as my instrument of power by revealing every aspect of who I am and what I stand for.  I believe in living a genuinely healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I believe that eating healthy does not mean restriction and constraint, it means exploration and embrace.  

I may not be the next “Worlds Strongest Man” by lifting cars on top of my head but I do hope to be the next “Food Blog Star” by sharing my love of simple steps, minimal ingredients, and a creative mind.  By doing this, I not only grow as a person, I remind myself who I am and where I want to be.  




  1. Best of luck with the contest! I will be cheering you on! I obviously LOVE reading your blog. You have such beautiful and healthy/tasty dishes. You've provided me with a ton of inspiration;)

  2. Lauren,
    I think I'm a bad influence on you. Getting a tattoo sure is exciting, and I'm pretty happy to see that you're considering the idea. I'm glad that you're interested in something that is very meaningful to you. I hate when tattoos don't have a story. Otherwise it's just a waste in my opinion. Good luck in finding something special! I'll see you guys tonight.

  3. Lauren! This is such a great post :D You know.. it really made me happy that this was one of the challenges because reading this really resonated with me. I also loved the memory from when you were little :) I'm just trying to imagine small Lauren hehe. But seriously, you have such an amazing strength, and I know that when people actually take part in their passions.. well it's like a ripple and it just transcends into everything else in life. I'm sure it helps you feel.. complete :)

    I am so happy that there was a fateful day when I stumbled upon your blog and you basically came into my life. I look up to you in so many ways.. as a blogger, as a foodie, as a woman, as a friend.. a beautiful soul. Best of luck!


  4. Lauren, I really enjoy reading your blog and am super glad that I stumbled upon it. I love the creations that you come up with weekly usually with ingreidents I already have in my house. On your thoughts behind tattoos. I completely agree that unless Betty Boop or Tigger have some type of strong memory for you, you will eventually regret that tattoo. When you said that you thought of the Strength characteristic I immediately thought of the 3 chinese words that I have tattoo'd on my back. Strength, Happiness and Courage. I got them because of what I went through. I had the Courage to leave a very abusive relationship, I had the Strength to get up and walk out and not look back knowing that I would finally be able to find who I truly was and that for once in a very long time I would truly be happy and happy for myself not for what others wanted me to be. I also have the Lung Cancer ribbon with the word Hope tattoo'd on my wrist with my Mom's Mothers initals and my Dad's Fathers initals as I lost both of them to that dreadful disease within 6 months of each other. I believe if God brings us to it, he will bring us through it and that you should be able to remember that forever.

    Good Luck on the Next Food Blog Star!

  5. You are a strong and beautiful woman that I've come to admire and even treasure over these past few months. Something about your writing and your spirit always infuses my day with a bit of joy and peace. You will do great at this challenge...I'm certain!

  6. you've got my vote! :) you are beautiful and VERY strong. not to mention, creative!

  7. I love this blog and your honesty - that is your real strength. Best of luck and you won my vote!

  8. Love this--you ARE strong, Lauren! And beautiful to boot :) Good luck!

  9. Lauren that is best entry I've seen yet! Nice job! :D

  10. Great entry you have here...I am sure you will do well with the challenges, good luck to you :)

  11. Best of luck! Great post! I am touched. You have my vote!

  12. i have voted for you! i'm only a new follower of yours, but i love your writing style and the food you eat... good luck ♥