Sunday, August 22, 2010

On The 7th Day, We Work!

This is how I feel.

Whatever happened to Sunday's being a day of rest and sabbath?  I honestly feel that most of my Sunday's are the most tiring day of the week even though we never really have any active plans. 

Despite my exhaustion, I wouldn't change our Sunday routine for anything. 

Of course it begins with breakfast together. 

Sunday mornings are the only day of the week that Toly and I sit and enjoy a big breakfast together.  We love this tradition. 

I was feeling french toast for this one. 

Banana Stuffed French Toast

2 slices of Ezikle Sprouted Grain Cinnamon Rasin Bread, one slice with almond butter, the other with honey, in the middle, 1/2 of a sliced banana. 

Dipped in egg, almond milk, cinnamon and cooked on each side. 

I topped mine with a bit of Greek Yogurt with cinnamon and blackberries. 

Toly used up the rest of the raspberries minus the yogurt.  He once told me if I ever tried to give him Greek Yogurt again, he would leave me. 

Okay, he's not that harsh, but the last time I tricked him with Greek Yogurt, he didn't speak to me for a short time.  I will never make this mistake again.  If he can't find the love in his heart for Greek Yogurt as I, than that would be his problem.  To each his own. 

It felt good to be back in routine. 

Immediately after breakfast, I begun the mayhem.  First on my to-do list was grocery shopping, which is always a 2 hour event. 

After the food was bought and put away, I put lunch together. 

I finally did it!  I finally opened and tried the can of smoked sardines that has been in my pantry for months.  Sardines was one of those things that I knew I would love, but I just had to get past my fear of their looks.  

I won't show you what they really looked like because it wasn't pretty.  At least the heads were cut off! 

Once I got passed the initial disgust, I flaked the fish and made a quick Sardine Salad with carrots, celery, yogurt, dijon and capers. 

Then I put the salad in a warp with some arugula. 

I was right.  I loved the sardines.  The taste reminded me of smoked salmon with a tuna consistency.  Although they were good, I still think I prefer tuna or smoked salmon over the sardines. 

The whole lunch was the wrap, with some grapes and cherries and a few Food Should Taste Good Cheddar Chips, which taste just like a Doritio only much better! 

This meal gave me just enough fuel to power me through the next 3 hours of top to bottom cleaning.  After being away, having 2 dogs, and not being around much, it was time to get down to business and put on my cleaning shoes. 

I don't know about you, but once I start cleaning, I literally can not sit down or stop until it's completely done and immaculate.  Tiring it may be, but nothing compares to the feeling of clean satisfaction when it's all done. 

Oh, and in the middle of the cleaning spree, I even found a few moments to prepare dinner for tonight.  


  • 1/2 Red Onion, Diced
  • 1 Cucumber, Diced
  • 1 Zucchini, Diced
  • 1/2 Green Pepper, Diced
  • 5 Tomatoes, Diced
  • 2 Stalks of Celery, Diced
  • 2 cloves of Garlic, Minced
  • 2 TBL Red Wine Vinegar
  • 1 Cup of v8 Vegetable Juice, Spicy Flavor (if you can find it)
  • 6 splashes of Hot Sauce
  • Salt, Pepper
Combine all ingredients in a food processor, reserving 1/2 of the chopped veggies.  Process mixture until smooth.  Add remaining chopped veggies and stir.  Chill for a few hours. 

Once I was ready to eat dinner, I pan seared some shrimp in EVOO and garlic, added chopped avocado, fresh basil, and homemade croutons. Lastly, I sprinkled on a touch of feta. 

Ridin' solo tonight.  

The Gazpacho was excellent.  This was actually my first time making or even eating Gazpacho.  Seriously surprising because I love any kind of tomatoey vegetable soup, stew, pasta, etc.  I wasn't sure how much I would dig the cold soup thing, but it was delightfully refreshing.  Some vino complemented the soup so well and I found that the sweet grapes were such a great cleanser in contrast to the spice of the soup. 

Now I can finally situation my behind on the couch and just relax.  I'm already looking forward to Friday! 

Do you have one day of the week that you reserve for chores? Sundays are the day that we shop, clean, and prep for the week. 



  1. My Sunday's always end up much busier than I expect as well. Glad you got a lot done though. I love food shopping- its my favorite "chore". And I totally have to finish cleaning once I start. Gorgeous breakfast. I will have to give stuffed french toast a go. Monday! Crazy

  2. sundays are usually chore days-- but i love chores.. bc i'm weird like that. but i have no shame :)

    loveee a good gazpacho! so cool and refreshing.

    enjoy your evening!

  3. Sunday and Saturdays are chore day for me as well. I just "get in the mood" to clean and organize on Sundays if nothing big is going on. I like starting the week with a clean and organized room, pantry and fridge.

  4. I try and do a little everyday so I don't have to do so much on one day!

  5. My chore day is Saturday! Whole Foods is #1 on my list ;)

  6. You are too cute Lauren! :D That breakfast looks and sounds like the best way to start the day. That's so funny about Toly and Greek yogurt. You're right though, to each his own... and more for you ;) mwahha! And I am the same way when it comes to cleaning. When I got back to Richmond I just cleaned and cleaned till the place was spotless. Since I'd been gone the whole summer you can just imagine the cobwebs and dust that had accumulated--YUCK! But now it's all clean, spick and span :) I think I usually do my chores on Sunday too. I got a lot done today, plus hang out with some friends too!

    XOXO I hope you have sweet dreams!

  7. Sunday is a day of work for us too...we clean, cook and prep for the week. I would have loved to had a plate of your banana french toast...that just looked too good to pass up! I love that you used Ezekiel bread too!

  8. abe doesn't like greek yogurt either. guess our men aren't ga ga bout the thickness?!?

    i'm so glad you liked sardines! next time you gotta try my 2 minute sardine dip!

  9. Saturday and Sunday tend to be my chore days, too.

  10. Saturdays and Sundays are always like CATCH UP days for me too! I get lots done, usually :) The banana stuffed french toast looks yummy! I've wanted to try it since I saw it on Carrots n Cake & HTP! Your version looks equally as delicious!