Thursday, August 5, 2010

Forbidden Words

Yesterday, Mama Pea conducted a post that really pulled on the strings of my heart. She talked about "Lessons in Beauty"  and how the entire concept behind Operation Beautiful is teaching girls to love themselves and to value who they are rather than what they look like. Having two young girls herself, I truly commend Mama Pea for instilling this values into their lives at such an early age, when they are the most impressionable. 

I think the reason this hit home so strongly for me, is that I have a significant fear of having a girl someday.  Don't get me wrong, the idea of pink frilly dresses made of tool, ballerina slippers, and big flower head bands makes me want a girl more than anything, but there is also another side of me that is scared to death of raising this gender. To be honest, I fear of raising a girl in this most critical and relentless society.  I fear that she will never feel good enough because she will always be compared to an unrealistic image of "true beauty."  But most of all, I fear that these apprehensions of herself may just come from me.  I like to think of myself as a strong and confident woman, but I would be kidding myself if I told you I never have days of insecurities, depression, and guilt.  I feel that when I take the role of motherhood, my life is going to be meticulously observed and imitated, and even those simple moments of saying, "I look fat in this" or "I can't eat that" could be a detrimental impact on my daughter's entire life. 

For this reason, I have decided that there are several words that will NEVER be spoken in our house. 
  • Fat
  • Skinny
  • Diet
  • Ugly
Instead we will always use words like
  • Healthy
  • Beautiful
  • Happiness
  • Confident
If you have not checked out Operation Beautiful, please do.  Caitlin has truly started an amazing phenomenon for the visions of true beauty in a skewed society.  If we continue to go in this direction, our daughters will have no choice but to become strong, confident, beautiful women, which is all we can really ask for. 

Now, on another note, breakfast. 

This morning, I was feeling fresh and summery, so I decided on a bowl of berries. 

Of course, the berries were only the highlight.

1/4 Cup TJ's Twigs and Flakes
1/4 Cup Kashi Go Lean
Berries (Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries)
1/2 Banana
Pom Chobani
Peanut Butter Granola

It was another busy day at work and it was nearly 2:00pm until I had a chance to eat lunch.  Good thing I fill up with such hearty breakfasts or else I would not be able to last. 

On my way back from a presentation, I swung by Juice n' Java for a salad and a smoothie. 

My heart was set on my favorite, Greek Salad with Veggie Burger. But when I saw the Summer Special Salad, I changed my mind. 

Summer Melon Salad: Spinach, Watermelon, Mango, Cucumber, Onion, Tomato, Gorgonzola 

It came with chicken but I asked to sub a veggie burger instead. 

Of course, this was washed down with my favorite smoothie. 

Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple 

Dinner turned out fantastic tonight. 

I'm on a mission to use up the fridge, so with some veggies and leftover crab, I put these things on a Naan Crust and made a pizza. 

Pizza on the Grill! 

Toly's side was alfredo sauce, chicken, corn, bacon, crab, mozzarella, and feta. 
My side was Roasted Red Pepper Spread, Grilled squash and asparagus, Crab, and Feta

This was awesome!  I loved the red pepper spread instead of the usual tomato sauce. It went so well with the veggies. 

And the crab was a perfect finishing touch.  Crab on anything is always fantastic. 

One more day!!! One more day!!!!  And then it's off to Vegas baby!!! 

See you tomorrow! 

What words will you forbid and stop using? I have made a promise to myself that I will NEVER use the word diet.  Ever!  I hate when people say they are on a diet.  The first thing I ask them is "so what happens when the diet is over? What do you say then?" 



  1. Where is my slice of that pizza?

  2. Such great thoughts. I'm terrified to have a daughter for the same reasons! Do you read MizFit? I think she has definitely done any amazing job raising her daughter (like mama pea) and I think I'm going to lean on them majorly for advice/lessons learned if I have a daughter one day! I never want to use the words fat or ugly!! Beautiful breakfast. Looks almost like a breakfast unbaked crisp ;)

  3. This is seriously a beautiful post girl. you will be an amazing mom <3

  4. I have the same fears when it comes to raising daughters! I've noticed that girls' eating/talking habits almost always mirror those of their mothers. That's such a great idea to not use negative words!

  5. I completely agree!! I've spent so many years battling body image and food issues that I'm terrified of passing my issues onto my daughter. I love how you have certain words that you will ban! I just think that because we are aware of our fears it will help when/if we have daughters since we will be slightly more cognizant of promoting positive self image! Great post :)

  6. i am a firm believer in taking words that used to have negative connotations and embracing them (reclaiming the word "diet" in my blog, for example) - that said, i'm always very careful about what i say in front of not only young women, but young men as well - what we say definitely affects the youth!

  7. I am afraid to have a daughter as well for the same reasons. I grew up (and still live) in a house full of fat talk. I imagine my mom did as well. However, I will make every effort that my potential future daughter never knows what it feels like to feel 'fat.' I

    It stops with US!!

  8. Mama Pea's post was SO inspiring!

    I truly want a girl one day. Hopefully she can learn from my example and be strong and confident.

  9. I've been giving a lot of thought lately to how I will act and speak if/when I have a daughter (or a son, really!). You're so right that those children are watching their parents' every move, and it's our responsibility to be role models, to walk the talk. So I too want to make sure those words are banned from my vocabulary NOW, so that they aren't uttered around little ears down the road. :)

  10. I hate the word diet too, it makes it feel like theres no end in sight.

    I went to Vegas in June, was amazing, the weather was great! We stayed at Treasure Island Hotel. While it was super nice I think next time we'll stay at one of the bigger hotels, our room was lovely and they had a great pool but the restaurants and the shops in our actual hotel left something to be desired, although the Mirage is like RIGHT beside TI, was still a fabo trip! I'd love to stay at the MGM next time we go, that's a gorgeous hotel!!

    Have fun = D

  11. Ahhh Vegas?! You'll have so much fun!! Where are you staying? We stayed in the Luxor so if you happen to be staying there..all I have to say is be careful looking out the windows. I learned the hard way that they're slanted on the inside, too. :P

  12. SO right. crab on anything IS fantastic :) i promised myself to never use the word "fat" too! it's a great practice and is a great example for others :) red pepper spread on pizza instead of regular sauce is on my list of things to try, thanks to you!

  13. That pizza looks so so SO good! Love the toppings on both sides! Creative.

    As for words I should not use... too many. I tend to go hard on myself for things that I really don't need to. Negativity sucks the life out of you and I am trying to put positive words out into my world. :) Reminders are helpful.


  14. I also ban those words from my vocabulary... unless I'm talking about an inanimate object lol.. like I'll say a skinny piece of paper or something. But as far as describing people or myself, I stay away from the list you mentioned. Some people may not give it a second that but I think that even subconsciously it fuels and keeps the cycle going. I think you'll be a wonderful mother Lauren. I know that it may be hard, but I think it's worth it. I mean you grew up to be a confident woman :D And yeah we have those days where we don't feel as beautiful, but that's normal too. It's not letting it totally get you down that is important. I think showing your future daughter how to handle things as well when they do arise is important :) Because some things are unavoidable.

    Using naan as a crust is such a great idea :D I think I've seen you do it on here before and I haven't seen it in awhile. Oldie but a goodie hehehe.

    XOXO enjoy VEGAS!!! I love you!

  15. I was also really touched by Mama Pea's post on forbidden words and raising strong, confident women. For the past few years I have said I can't wait to raise my children to be confident, strong, happy contributors to society yet somehow forgot that the little things might have a bigger impact than I first imagined.

    While I'm far, far away from having children, your list of words (and Mama Pea's) are definitely words I will give a lot more attention to when the time comes.