Sunday, July 11, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Oh my, is it really Sunday night already?  It feels like this weekend went by in a blur.  I guess with all of the non-stop excitement, there was not chance to sit back and take it all in, until now. 

Let's go back to Saturday Morning…..

This bowl of oats graced my rainy morning. 

1/2 Cup Irish Oats, 1/4 Cup Almond Milk, 1/4 Cup Water, Flax, Chia, 1/2 Mashed Banana, 1/2 diced Peach, with 1/2 sliced peach, blackberries, kashi crunch, homemade peach jam, almond butter on top

Shortly after breakfast, I was kidnapped (completely willingly) by one of the best man on this earth to only one of the best places on this earth. 

Yep, it was time for our monthly Trader Joes stock up.  Do I even need to tell you how much of a blast we had? 

We stopped at a few farmers stands on the drive back, but it was raining pretty hard so not as much market time as we had hoped. 

On the drive, my dad and I discussed our love for food, cooking, good restaurants,  travel, and how we wish to incorporate all of these into one big adventure someday.  Our creative juices were really working, but all of the food talk made us pretty hungry. 

A quick pit stop for Quiznos.

I tired one of their Veggie Sammies which was pretty good.  Basically just veggies in a pita but I asked for a small salad on the side with all of the veggies they had.  The guy then asked me if I would like guac and salsa on my salad too.  It was like he was reading my mind.  I must have Guacamole Queen written all over my face. 

Once I got home, I had a few minutes to put it all away and then Toly and I were off to the mall.  

We did a little shopping and got our wedding bands cleaned.  It was quite a successful mall trip for us as  we usually don't do well shopping together.

Our next stop was to visit our new favorite person. 

Is there anything more pure than holding a immaculate newborn baby?  So good for the soul! 

We look pretty good with a baby.  Hmmm, someday.  For now, we are more than thrilled with being the proud aunt and uncle! 

After some quality time with Abby, we moved on to the next item on the agenda, celebrating our anniversary. 

Even though it is not our wedding anniversary (that is in August), we always celebrate the anniversary of when we started dating.  Yes, we have an actual day and I will never forget the day that Toly asked me to be his girlfriend 7 years ago!  

We decided to celebrate at one of our favorite places…

We actually came here for our 5 year anniversary for the first time and fell in love all over again! :)  It was one of the best dinners we had ever had and ever since, we are always looking for reasons to go back. 

Cheers to 7 years!

We left barely moving after because everything was so good!  Obviously, the dessert is the best part, but really does just put you over the top.  

It was a fantastic day from start to finish! 

Sunday was pretty typical as far as our Sunday's go. 

It started with Sunday Morning Family Breakfast and waffles. 

Multigrain waffles with vanilla chobani, berries and granola

The store was next on my to-do list.  It's so nice not having to stock up on veggies these days.  Between my garden and my dad's, I've got the veggies coming fast and furious now! 

After some cleaning and hours later, I was hungry for lunch and in particular, a big salad. 

Organic Greens, Spinach, Cucumber, Sugar Peas, Avocado, Nectarine, Cherries, Cherry Balsamic Tempeh 

I dare say I might just like tempeh more than tofu.  This salad exceeded all expectations. 

I basically spent the rest of the day cleaning and cooking.  I had a few meals I wanted to get ready for the week and I also made a meal to take over to Lena and Steve.

I did sit down for about an hour and then Toly came home and we started dinner. 

Grilled Vegetable Squash Ravioli (For me) 

Grilled Chicken and Cheese Ravioli (For Him) 

I can't tell you how much I love this dish.  Veggies in fresh tomato sauce is one of my favorite things to eat and when the veggies come from ones that you grew in your backyard, the dish goes to an entirely different level. 

I had a splash of Chardonnay to complete this meal.  It was fantastic! 

So that was the weekend.  Busy, short, but all in all….fabulous! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. What an incredible weekend you had! Your niece is adorableeeeeee! You do look good with a baby ;) And happy anniversary. Love that you know the date and that you live it up! I am totally putting my raviolis on greens next time i may them. Yummmy. Our weekend was great- got a lot done, had fun! Cannot ask for more

  2. your oats always look so good! no two bowls are the same ;) healthy eating can really be so tasty - your meals are proof!

    your dad's adorable! i would have exploded "YES!!!!" when the guy suggested guac. such an amazing addition to a salad. :)

    your niece is so cute! (you two would make a beautiful baby haha. good genes in your family!)

  3. holding babies is heaven. especially since you can pass them back to their parents once they freak out!!!

  4. Happy anniversary! :D
    Sunday morning breakfast looks ahhhmazing.

  5. My dad takes me grocery shopping and to the Farmers Market, too... it's always so much fun and I love that time together.

    Happy anniversary!!! I've never been to The Melting Pot but have always wanted to go.

    My weekend was good... just starting to get back into the swing of things after vacation.

  6. as always your food looks amazing! Congrats on being an Auntie!

  7. Congrats on becoming an aunt! Too fun! Looks like you had a GREAT weekend! How fun that you and your dad go to Trader Joe's together!

  8. All of your eats look so delicious!

    Congrats on your new aunthood!! :) The baby is adorable.


  9. Congrats on 7, that's so impressive!! :) I love the Melting Pot :) It's so romantic, fun, easy, tasty!

    And I've never held a newborn baby before. Guess I'm saving that til my time to be a mommy comes. Or until someone around me has a baby :) You guys look so cute with the little girl!!!

    Love your blog, btw!

  10. This looks like such a great weekend!! Especially the pictures with your new niece...she's beautiful, congrats!!

    I love that you and Toly still celebrate the anniversary of when you started dating. My brother and his fiancee tried to set their wedding date for their actual anniversary, but it was taken at their location, so they settled for a week later. It's sweet that you still remember the original day! And I love the melting pot- how can copious amounts of cheese and chocolate ever be anything but delicious?!

    Hope you've had a wonderful Monday love!! xoxo

  11. Ahh! I am so totally late in catching up on your posts, but congrats to you and Toly on becoming an Aunt & Uncle - it is truly one of the best feelings in the world. Enjoy your time with baby!!!!