Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Jersey Shore

Hello from Atlantic City! 

We've been having a wonderful time, enjoying the sights, playing in the sun, pretending we're high rollers in the casinos, and eating glorious food.  Everything a vacation should be! 

Yesterday morning, I awoke early to get in a run before we had to leave. 

Well, by 6:30am, it was already a scorcher and I was dripping in sweat after 7 miles. 

Somehow, I still craved oatmeal….

1/4 Cup Scottish Oats, 1 tsp flax and chia, 1/4 Cup Almond Milk, 1/2 Cup Water, 1/4 Cup Egg Whites (at the end), Berries, Vanilla Chobani, Granola, Naturally Nutty Vanilla AB

This was my first time adding the egg whites into the oats but I've heard that it does wonders for the texture.  So true my friends.  These were some of the fluffiest and creamiest oats I have made to date. 

We packed up and hit the road by 10am.  

As soon as we got to the hotel/casino, they told us it would be a few hours until our room was ready.  We decided to walk around on the Boardwalk and find some lunch. 

We found a nice little beach bar called Megan's that was perfect for what we both had in mind.  I ordered a salad and felt quite satisfied. 

After lunch and some shopping, we finally went back to the room and unpacked.  

A few hours later, we got dressed up and hit the town.  We ended up touring a few of the casinos and spent most of our time in The Borgata (the newest and nicest casino in the city).  

Dinner was eaten at Izakaya, a highly rated sushi restaurant. 

I kicked off our vacation with a Sake Sangria….

We split the Edamame Dumplings to start.

These were delicious!  Pureed Edamame inside a chewy wonton wrapper that were steamed.  Loved them! 

Toly ordered the Crab and Egg Fried Rice and I may have snuck a few bites. It was actually very light and not heavy at all.  Very tasty! 

I had a Baby Dragon Roll, which had spicy salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber in a soy rice paper. 

I love sushi and this was a great roll.  This may have been the first roll I've gotten without rice but I actually preferred it because I'm not a big rice fan.  I think it takes away from all of the other amazing flavors inside the roll. 

After dinner, we spent some time with lady luck.  Toly is actually the better gambler between the two of us.  The only games I can do are slots which require absolutely no skill, therefore, I usually end up loosing.  At least one of us usually comes out on top. 

I headed back to the room early because I suddenly didn't feel so well.  I think it was a combination of the smoke, sake, and feeling dehydrated. 

Today, we slept in, found some breakfast, and headed out to the beach. 

Equipped with snacks and beach reading material. 

We didn't last very long because of the unbearable heat. 

After a few hours in the sun, Toly and I came back, showered and got ready for lunch. 

Now, I have read that one of the most famous places in AC is the White House Sub Sub.  This was featured on Foodnetwork's Triple D (Diners Drive-ins and Dives) and many famous people have been seen eating here. 

Any famous restaurant that a city is known for is something I have to check out. 

Inside, the place is definitely a dive.  Only less than 10 booths and a small bar, but the place was PACKED.  We had to wait a few minutes for a seat. 

I could tell that this was going to be good when I saw the authentic Jersey boys behind the counter working away.  This place was nothing fancy, but I swear, some of the best foods come from places just like this. 

I ordered the only "vegetarian" option on the menu.  Egg and Pepper sub. 

Scrambled egg, Fried Peppers and sweet Peppers, Lettuce and Tomato

It was DELICIOUS!!  By the way, this was 1/2 and I definitely ate it all!  The bread was out of this world!  The guy told us that they have the bread baked fresh from a bakery behind the street and bring it over hot every 30 min.  It contained no sugar, no HFC's and no fat.  (The bread, not the sub!) 

White House Sub Shop was definitely a must see and I'm so happy we stopped. 

I'm glad I filled up because the next few hours were spent doing one of my favorite cardio workouts….Outlet Shopping!  I scored some great deals too! 

Now we're just relaxing and getting ready to head out again for the night. 

Tomorrow should be another fun day.  We are going to drive into Cape May, NJ, which is a very special place for us.  This is where my family would go on vacations all the time growing up and this is also the place where Toly proposed! ;) 

Hope your weeks are winding down nicely! 



  1. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Gotta love outlet shopping and great eats!

  2. aw- glad ya'll are having so much fun. The food looks great. I love the contest of the vegetarian sub. Fantastic. Enjoy the rest of your trip

  3. aaaah you're in my state! i haven't been down to AC in a long time (at least a decade) but have such fond memories. cape may is wonderful - we went there with julius a while back and it is actually the most UNFRIENDLY dog town i've ever been to! but lovely, indeed.

  4. Life's a beach unless you know how to live it...and it looks like you guys are living it up! Enjoy Cape May!!!!

  5. love that you are enjoying vacation! I love the borgata definitely the best casino in atlanctic city and the nicest :D and woo for good deals !

  6. Lauren,
    What a fun start to your vacation! I loved seeing your sushi roll and hearing that you don't really care for rice either (I actually pick a good deal of rice off my rolls because I think it dulls the other ingredients!). And that sub shop looks amazing! Any place that brags about their bread wins me over!

  7. Those Edamame Dumplings looks so cute and yummy! Have fun!

  8. I was in AC a few weeks ago for a bachelorette party- such a fun city!! Enjoy Cape May! We have a house in Ocean City, not too far from there!