Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Wow, I had NO idea that Kombucha is being pulled from the shelves due to it's alcohol content!  I was blown away when I read all your comments.  Geeze, what's next, carding for cooking wine? Looks like my MIL and I will have to start a bootlegging business with our homemade Kombucha. :) 

Aside from the Kombucha news, I had a rather pleasant morning. 

During my run, I couldn't stop thinking about breakfast.  Probably because I could smell these babies the moment I walked downstairs this morning. 

Don't you just love when peaches are so ripe that you can smell them from a few feet away?  Sweet Sweet Peach, I was all over you today!

1/4 Cup Raisin Bran, 1/4 Cup Oatmeal Squares, 1 small peach, Blackberries, Peach Chobani, White Chocolate Wonderful, Chia seeds and Flax

It was perfect! 

I had a lunch meeting today with a business client which turned into a lovely afternoon.  Lunch was great but I don't have anything to show for it.  I can tell you about it but it's just not the same. (Roasted Vegetable Salad, Tomato and Crab Salad in a red pepper Remoulade) 

After a few days off from lifting, I knew it was time to work the arms hard. 

PM Lifting Workout-

2 miles on treadmill 
3 x 12 Overhead Press (40 lbs)
3 x 12 Bench Press (40lbs)
25 Jumping Jacks
25 Hammer Curls with Dead Lifts (each arm)
1 min of high knees/butt kicks 
3 x 12 lat pull down (50 lbs)
3 x 12 row (50 lbs)
5 min on bike

I increased my weight tonight on the lat pull down and the row and I was able to complete the sets without much trouble.  I know I need to continue to increase because I've been stuck on this 40lb mark for a long time.  I'm still not so confident at my biceps so we'll see about increasing on the other sets next time. 

Salad must have been on my mind today because after having 2 different kinds for lunch, I wanted another one for dinner. 

Cobb Salad

(Sorry the pictures are blue, I have no idea how this happened)

Surprising, Cobb Salad is one of Toly's favorite meals.  He said he would never be able to order it at a restaurant though because he only likes the way I make it.  I separate the big bowl into his/her sides.  His has Chicken, Bacon, Eggs and some veggies.  Mine had Grilled Squash and just about every veggie you see here. 

After I took this, I realized I forgot the cheese.  What is a cobb salad without cheese?!?!?! 

I tired the new Laughing Cow Blue Cheese wedge and attempted to crumble it on top of my salad with a drizzle of honey mustard dressing.  It didn't crumble as well as real blue cheese would, but it still worked and tasted awesome!  I will be finding more ways to use these LC's cheeses. 

A Cobb theme going here…Cobb Salads and Corn on the Cobb. 

I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday.  This week is flying by! 

Hope today was great for you all! 


  1. Your hair looks super cute! Love it. Glad the day and workout were good. Increase in weights? Heck yah! Love lifting. I'm with Toly- I had to do too much customizing with cobb salads...so I never order them when I'm out, but I love a homemade version. I'm thrilled its Wednesday tomorrow

  2. i didn't know laughing cow made blue cheese wedges! that's probably why your pix are blue :) or maybe it's the white balance.

  3. I have had terrible luck with my peaches lately! I've been trying to be good by buying organic, but the last two I've bit into have been flavorless. But you (and your peach) look adorable...I wish you could help me find the good ones!

  4. Way to go on the increase in weights!! That's so cute about Toly's Cobb salad love. You must make a delicious salad!

  5. eh...one more reason I guess I won't try Kombucha :)

    that cobb salad does look delicious!

  6. Those peaches look divine, I'm partial bc I'm from GA but they are a perf summer treat!

  7. ahhh i have always wanted to make my own kombucha! i love that you did that - and yes, so mad about it being pulled from the shelves. is the homemade stuff less vinegar-y than the bottle? if so, i am all over this.

    and looks like you had a FANTASTIC vacation! i am so glad you and toly had time to relax and enjoy each other's company. happy wednesday love!

  8. I just heard about the kombucha business too!!! crazy stuff! haha. The peaches look delicious! They are definitely their ripest right now! <33