Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Very Good Day Indeed

A very good day.  A very good day indeed.  

Any morning that begins with a breakfast at The Hershey Pantry (my favorite place on this earth) is a sure set the stage for a stellar day. 

My sister was at my house early this morning and we drove into Hershey to meet my dad for our monthly FD (Father/Daughter) Breakfast. 

We wanted to sit outside because their outdoor patio is gorgeous.  It reminds me of The Secret Garden.  Unfortunately, the wait was just a bit too long for our appetites and the "no wait" drew us in.  The inside is just as adorable though! 

After straying from the last visit, I went back to my beloved Baked Oatmeal.  Today, it was Strawberry and Cream!  OMG!!!!

And split a side of fruit with my sister. 


Toly felt very left out and jealous that he was not included in this breakfast event and asked me if I would bring him back a muffin. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you, the muffins at The Hershey Pantry are not really muffins……

They are masterpieces! 

Wow, I really just can not explain how good it is. 

After a lovely FD Breakfast, my sister and I said our goodbyes to my dad and were off for a girly morning of shopping at the outlets. 

I love shopping with my sister.  I actually don't like shopping all that much, but for some reason I LOVE to shop with my sister.  Every time I go with her, I find the best deals! 

We got home later in the afternoon, and I grabbed a quick slice of leftover pizza before running out to the grocery store. 

Later on, we went to Toly's aunt's house for her birthday party.  

She made a wonderful spread of salads, some traditional Russian dishes, meats, and of course, lots of alcohol, just like any other Russian party. 

I filled my plate with some salad, shrimp, and pickles. 

I also found out I have a partner in pickle love! 

Everyone enjoyed the food and company and celebrating Aunt Tanya. 

Look who made the blog again!  Papa P is getting so much attention lately and loves it! :) 

It was all around a wonderful day!  Tomorrow we have a picnic at my parents house so it should be more fun with the family. 

Hope your weekends are going well. 



  1. Hey Lauren!!! I SO WISHED you lived closer we would be the bestest of friends :) I love your eats and mindsets!!!

  2. That baked oatmeal looks ridiculous!!! YUM

  3. oh my gosh- that baked oatmeal looks drool worthy for sure! You and I are such brunch gals :) Glad you had a good time shopping. What a busy, but in a fun way, kind of day

  4. looks like a wonderful time. i love that you get the baked oatmeal each time - i look forward to seeing them!