Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Babaishka!

Last night, we partied until 1am!  Yes, that's right, we were out drinking, dancing, eating and celebrating like carless teenagers again.  Why you ask?

Well to celebrate 80 years of this wonderful woman's life…..

Babishka (Toly's Grandma) turned 80!  And if you know anything about Russians, you know that they like to party and celebrate life's greatest achievements to the fullest.  I'm telling you, you've never been to an 80 year old birthday party like this before!  

Toly's dad made arrangements at a Russian restaurant in Philly.  By the way, I promised him I would put him on the blog.  He was a little sad that he never sees himself on here, so I told him I would remember to start including him more often. Say hi to Papa P!

Love this man! 

Now, back to the party.  The thing with Russian parties is that they don't even really start until 9pm and go until all hours of the night.  It's a ton of food, dancing, singing, drinking….it's pretty much a blast!

Here are some pictures of the evening…..

The standard drink (aka Russian Water) 

And the standard size of a Russian shot glass….

Yes, they are pros! (Don't try this at home!)

Boy, what a night.  We were so tired when we got home that I literally fell into bed and didn't wake up until 9am this morning.  Baba is a very special lady and let me just say, it's not everyday you meet an 80 year old grandma who can party until 2am like her!!  

Happy Birthday Babaishka!  We love you!!! 



  1. Looks like SUCH a fun night!! Toly's grandma looks so full of life- it's so inspiring to see grandparents who still like to party and have fun!! You're never too old to appreciate a good celebration, right? Glad you had a good time!!

  2. In Korea, becoming 70 is a HUGE deal. This looks like an incredibly fun night! Glad you had fun! :-) Partying till 2am at 80...that's the kind of granny I wanna be!

  3. That is quite the party--how fun!

  4. That looks like quite the party! I'm so glad you found me - I was so happy to hear from you!

    From the sound of things on the blog, it seems like things are going well. I hope we stay in touch as well. It was wonderful meeting you at our Meet-Up last month!

    Have a great week :)

  5. Oh those crazy Russians! They sure do know how to throw down a party! :D Do you read Olga's blog over at Healthing It? She's Russian and posts a lot about family traditions and such, it's really fun! And adds in some nice Eastern European flair to the blogworld.

    Do you not just love mango pineapple salsa?! Just made some the other day and could not get enough!

  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a party!! And how freaking adorable do you look. Great dress. Glad you had fun. Hi papa! Hope your Monday is treating you well pretty lady

  7. Happy birthday to Toly's grandmother! Glad you got to boogie down and celebrate in style!

  8. wow, they sure know how to throw a party! I can't get over the size of their shot glass, and you look amazing!

  9. this was the cutest post ever. and i LOVE that they call her babaishka!!!

  10. Oh man, this is like the story of my life!!! :)

    Ridiculously copious amounts of food!