Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wined and Dined, Dinner with Mom and Dad

Do you ever have one of those days that just goes by so fast you don't even have a chance to even process the events that occur?

That was my day. 

Let's start from the beginning…..

I woke up ready to run.  Yesterday's 5 miles went so well, that I was anxious to see how another 5 would feel. 

I laced up and headed to the gym, but today was not as painless as yesterday was.  As soon as I started, I felt a sharp pain in my knee again.  UGHHH!!!  I had to stop because I really didn't want to push it. 

Okay here is what I think….

I believe I need to have more rest time in between runs.  I ran on it Saturday, took Sunday off, Monday was fine, but I jumped right back into it today and it hurt.  I'm just so use to running everyday that it's hard for me to slow down, but it's unrealistic for me to be running 7 miles a day on a sore knee.  I just need to take it slow and easy.  I have to keep reminding myself that there is no need to jump right back into my training of 30 miles a week.  Slow and easy and I'll get there eventually.  Patience is a virtue. 

Anyways, I came back to the house and busted 30 min on the ET and then had a reason to try my new Tae Bo Dvd.  So that made me happy. 

Breakfast was something I have been wanting to make the second I saw it on Holly's page a few days ago. 

Banana Split Overnight Oats

Last night:
1/4 C Vanilla Almond SF Oats (from the farmers market) 
1/4 C Hodgens Mill Multigrain Hot Cereal with Flax and Soy (LOVE THIS) 
1/2 overrippe mashed banana
1 tsp Coco Powder
1/4 Cup Almond Milk
1/2 container of Chobani Strawberry Banana Flavor (Key ingredient) 

This morning: 
1/2 Banana
1 tsp White Choc Wonderful PB
1 tsp Dark Chocolate Dreams PB (I couldn't decide which one so I just used both!)
1 tsp raspberry jam
2 TBL Granola

Ummm, so yeah, these were pretty much amazing!  Holly is a genius!  Just look at that chocolately goodness. 

With some refreshing grape fruit. 

This was delicious and kept me full all morning.  I knew I wanted something filling this morning to get me through my 80 min presentation.  

I was a key speaker at a conference today and spoke on the need for Financial Education in today's schools and how our company offers this aspect with the program that I run.  It all went very well and I had such great feedback from the audience.  

I was really nervous to speak for 80 min but I actually ran out of time!  Overall, I felt so good about the entire presentation. 

After the conference, I came home for lunch. 

I'm trying to use the 5 lbs of green I just purchased and all of the veggies in the fridge so many salads will probably be on the menu for the next few days. 

Good thing I love my salads.

This one was pretty awesome! 

And I also heated up the very last little bit of my veggie soup that desperately needed to be eaten. 

Along with some grapes and a pickel, lunch was served. 

I actually didn't end up eating the soup.  Considering it was 90 degrees here today, after I took a few bites of it, I started to sweat.  Just didn't work today, but the salad was so good and totally filling on its own. 

After work, I had a wonderful date planned with my parents. 

They took me out to dinner tonight for my birthday. (Told (I just typed Toly) it was birthday week) 

We went to a great little place called California Cafe. 

I heard about this place from a friend who recommended it to me.  It's a locally owned award winning French fusion restaurant that prides itself on using mostly local and organic ingredients. 

Do my friends know me or what?

Such a cute place.  

My dad's meal came with an appetizer and we all chose the Quiche of the Day. 

It was a Southwestern Quiche with red peppers, black beans and asparagus and ham.  I had a bite, but the ham threw me off.  I couldn't really get past it, but the bite I had was good! 

My dinner started with salad, bread and wine.  3 of my favorite things! 

For my main, I ordered the salmon which was grilled in a soy and chili glaze.  I asked for double veggies instead of the rice. 

OMG the salmon was fantastic!  Cooked to perfection and the glaze was delicious.  Sweet but slightly smoky from the chili.  Each bite melted in my mouth.  Like Butta! 

My mom ordered the Shrimp which came cooked in a similar glaze. 

And my dad ordered some kind of chicken which I really can't remember anything about other than he said it was delicious. 

We had such a nice dinner and it was so great to spend the night with my parents. Just look at how cute they are! 

I am certainly enjoying being wined and dined all week and it's not over yet!  

Take this girl out for some good food and that's just about the perfect gift! 

Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful dinner and a great night! 

Things to Do…..



  1. I love how close you are with your parents- just wonderful :) Great din din. Sorry to hear the run was painful. I do much better when I take a day off between runs too. Holly's breakfasts always look incredible and you made one great recreation. Glad the presentation went well. Josh and I feel very passionately about that subject, I'd love to hear more!

  2. Those are beautiful meals! You're not looking so bad yourself;)

  3. I've had knee problems since I was 14, and I ALWAYS take a day off between runs. I wish I could do consecutive days, but it never feels good! Kudos for you to listening to your body!!

    I always get fish when eating out...the salmon looks great!! Hope you have a great hump day love :)

  4. What a great day, overall! Glad the presentation went well.

    I'm the same way with running! I just can't run 2 days in a row, unless one is really easy/slow and short. I think we're going to get into a schedule of alternating running days with just park/walking days with the puppy.

  5. sorry about the knee pain. i think your longer rest time idea is a good one! i agree, that holly is one smart gal! she knows her oats! awesome that the presentation went well. dinner out looks awesome! happy bday week!

  6. i love getting wined and dined! hope your knee feels better...

  7. Knee pains seriously suck. But do take care of yourself...I think it's a good idea to inject more rest days. You can always look for different forms of cardios to keep you in a good mood, such as water aerobics?

    Yay for a good presentation! :D

  8. Ohh how I wish I could take you out to eat for your birthday!! Your parents are adorable and the food looks so nice! Presentation is so nice, isn't it? As for your salads! I need to take notes because it's warm and salads are my thing now lol. That banana split breakfast = heaven. Everything made my mouthwater.

    I'm glad you're noticing these things about your exercise regimen. It's important to be in tune with your body. It's the only one we've got so we better do what's best for it!

    Love you to the moon!!

  9. Looks like you had an amazing bday dinner with the parents! That salmon looks so tasty!