Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We've Got Crabs

It's nearly 9pm and I am just now sitting down for the first time all day.  Whew what a day, let's start from the beginning.

First thing's first, woke up to my morning workout.  Now, I've been trying very hard to put aside my own stubborn stupidity and take everyone's advice of alternating my runs with cross training. Since I had a longer run yesterday, I opted for time on my ET followed by Level 2 of Jillian Shred.  It was actually a pretty intense time today.

I've been doing the shred workouts for almost a year now and I really feel like I've built up a pretty good tolerance and endurance for these; however, today was rough!  Do you ever just have those days when your workouts are so on, and then you have those days when you just feel like you are struggling?  Today was kind of in between.  I think I was dehydrated because I was so out of breath and felt like I had to work so hard to get through it.  But every time I kept checking my HR is wasn't anywhere near what I felt it should be at.  Oh well, still an effective time. 

I had to be at an event earlier than normal today, so I pre-made a quick breakfast last night.

Smoothies are perfect for these mornings because you can get everything ready the night before and throw the blender in the fridge.  In the AM, just pop it on the base and hit the button.  Presto!

My smoothie contained…
  • Frozen Mango and Blueberries
  • Spinach (2 big handfuls)
  • Pom Juice
  • Kiwi 
  • Chia
  • 1 TBL of Vanilla Protein 
I tried this new brand of protein powder that I've had in my sample box for quite some time. 

Not bad but I've had better. 

For something to chew and because I can never feel fully satisfied with just a liquid meal (no matter how chock full of protein and healthy fats is may be) I made 1/2 Whole Wheat English muffin with Mighty Maple PB and mashed banana with cinnamon. 

Consumed this in 10 min and raced out the door.  There is ALWAYS time for a good breakfast! 

The morning was super busy and before I knew it, I was on my way home for lunch and starving! 

I wanted to use the leftover mango/avocado salad from last night's dinner but also knew I needed some more substance.  So what do I do when I have leftovers?  Why make them into a big salad of course! 

I topped the salad on a big bed of lettuce and veggies, heated up a Pumpkin Black Bean burger that had been in the back of my freezer from when I made them a few months ago, added tons of salsa and greek yogurt and a few Black Bean Blue Tortilla Chips.

For something sweet, a dish of pineapple with yogurt and a Pom Spritzer (POM juice and seltzer). 

Later in the day, I sipped on this new find….

Kombucha was on sale at the Health FOod Store for 2.50 a bottle!  So I stocked up.  This flavor highlights the probiotics and digestive enzymes (something I am always in need of these days) and tasted amazing!  I loved the fresh ginger that floats to the top.  Looked disgusted but tasted great! 

Funny story about these drinks, I drink them at my desk and I swear they make all kinds of noises.  I feel like they are alive and possibly could be considered "contraband" due to the disclaimer on the bottle that there may be traces of alcohol due to fermation.  Hmmm, if this is the closest to drinking at work I can get, I'll take it! ;) 

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed when I left work and as soon as I got home, my night suddenly changed.  My heart melted when I saw this from my good friend Janetha! 

The most amusing B-day Card and a SBux gift card. Seriously, this girl is one of the sweetest and most compassionate girls I know.  I was so touched and felt so blessed. 

Okay, so you may or may not have noticed the title of tonight's post and since I just threw out this statement without explanation, I now realize you are probably getting curious….or just really grossed out. 

Don't worry, it was the good kind of crabs! 

And by that I mean, All You Can Eat Crab Legs at Brewhouse! 

My parents took Toly and I out to dinner tonight as a thank you for doing their taxes this year. (I mean for Toly doing their taxes) 

Brewhouse is a wonderful little restaurant/bar that not only has a great menu and large relaxing deck, every Tuesday, it's All You Can Eat Crab Legs!  

You know how Toly and I feel about crab legs! 

They also have a full menu of Crab Specials.  It's actually called Crab-o-polooza! Seriously, could you think of another reason to celebrate a Tuesday?

We started with the Crab Nachos. 

Oh my these were ridiculous!  

And I ordered the Special Wrap of the day.  Lump Crab, Asparagus, Spinach and Roasted Tomatoes with a side salad. 

Toly ordered the legs and we split our meals. 

The best part about eating crab legs is the actual work itself.  I have a weird obsession with cracking legs and pulling out the meat.  I love that feeling when you crack open a huge hunk of meat. Kind of like picking a scab.  So that may not have been the best analogy to use when talking about my dinner, but you get the idea. 

My dad and Toly did 4 rounds.  Impressive! 

My mom wasn't feeling the crab fest tonight and ordered the roasted vegetable ravioli which was also amazing! 

After we stuffed our bellies with crab, we convinced ourselves that there was plenty of room left in our bellies for blizzards from DQ.  

It's Buy One Blizzard, Get one for $.25 at DQ right now.  How could we pass up that offer? 

While we were waiting for our order, I was quite intrigued with the liquid Peanut Butter tub on the counter and contemplated ways that I could try to recreate this contraction and have it on my counter at all times?  Think of how convenient that would be! 

I ordered a small Raspberry Truffle and it was everything I could imagine it would be. 

To avoid a very uncomfortable night (like my Cold Stone Creamy experience from a few weeks ago) I paced myself and stopped at half.  Hardest thing in the world, but also very smart on my part.  I literally blow up like one big balloon from dairy.  It's worth it for ice cream though! 

Okay, I feel like I have been talking for awhile.  I'm done. 

Until tomorrow friends! 



  1. I have been doing a lot of breakfast smoothies as of late- so so good! Janetha rocks! What a sweet heart. She is like the queen of BAoK! I used to love love crabs when we lived in MD (and I ate meat ;)). Fantastic! BTW- I totally have on and off workout days. Its the worst when I'm having an off day and I'm teaching

  2. I agree. Janetha...that girl seriously is freaking fabulous. What a thoughtful and lovely gift!

    $2.50 for that drink...and it's on SALE? How much is it NOT on sale? Dang!

  3. What a great card from Janetha!! She's got a heart of gold :) And I can't think of a yummier dinner than crabs with a nightcap of ice cream!!

    $2.50 for Kombucha?! LUCKY!! I always end up paying 4.50-6 for mine! PS- the floating things aren't ginger pieces, they're the strands of bacteria used for fermenting. Kinda icky, but totally safe!

    Hope you have a great day love!!

  4. omg, what DON'T I love about this post?!

    I have never in my life had crab legs, and I'm just DYING to!! And I have been dreaming about a DQ blizzard ever since it started getting nice out. The flavor of the month around here is caramel-brownie...o.m.g. Must get on that pronto!

    ps I don't know whether to be scared or absolutely delighted by that liquid PB container!!

  5. I'm thinking that crab fest should be our next get together..HMMMM?

  6. LOVE! i just caught up on SIX posts. i dont know where to begin. i will say that puddin' cake looks awesome, the ball game looked like a riot, that award winning pizza?! oh my! and the peanut sauce tofu wrap, grilled cheese, berry lovin.. i don't even KNOW how you don't die from delicious eats overload ;) i LOVE crab! it is messy but fun to eat :) glad the card arrived, sorry about the late factor. i am ALWAYS a day late! i love you though!!

  7. Great smoothie tip! I'm going to try that ASAP.

    Shred SHOULD be waiting in my mailbox when I get home (Netflix has been faulty lately... boo) and I can't wait to start!

    Glad it's the "good" kind of crabs. Hope you're having a great day!

  8. Those crab dishes looks amazing - especially the wrap! Looks so fresh!! :)
    Great job on stopping at half the ice cream. I definitely have a hard time with not polishing off the entire dessert but it's definitely for the better. Sitting on the couch, bent over and rocking is not a good time... and not worth the other half of the dessert for sure.

  9. wow what a great card and gift from Janetha!! that is so super sweet you will def put taht to good use!

    liquid PB right on the counter!! thats so awesome!!

  10. Ooh, I love kombucha! Except the green one, lol. I just recently got hooked on it.
    Aww, Janetha is such a sweetie! How nice of her. And you are such a cutie, too! And I'm totally intrigued by that liquid pb, haha. Hope you're having a wonderful wednesday!