Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Second Chances

Look that's me! 

A very tiny me, but that's all I could get from the website without paying an arm and a leg for the real thing. 

This was me crossing the finish line at the Cherry Blossom Run.  I love the look on my face, I'm so focused!

Anyways, I woke up actually feeling a little sore in the back of my neck.  I'm not sure if this has to do with the accident or not.  They always say you usually don't feel it until the day or two after.  Nothing serious, just feels like I need a good massage! 


5 mile run this morning was just lovely.  I woke up not feeling into and told myself if I just get my butt there and do at least 3 miles, I can stop.  Well you know how it goes, you after you do 3, you just sort of get into it.  That always happens to me.  Well, that usually happens to me, sometimes I really just can never get into it, but today I busted out those last 2 miles without much thought.  

After work, I headed back to the gym for some weights.  I was much due since I haven't done weights in over a week.  It was an excellent strength session and here is how it went….

5 min warm up on bike
Overhead Press, 40 lbs.----3 sets of 12
Dips with squat, 30 lbs.----3 sets of 10
Chest Press, 30 lbs. -------- 3 sets of 12
5 min of hill speed walk on treadmill (12-15% incline at 5.3 mph) 

Seated row, 40lbs.-----3 sets of 12
Triceps curl, 10 lbs.-----3 sets of 10
Bicep Curl, 20 lbs.------3 sets of 10
2 min of jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks

Chest flies------10 lbs.-----3 sets of 10
Leg lifts----- 10 on each side
10 min of abs (bicycle crunches, weighted crunches, reverse crunches, rotating planks, 100's, scissor kicks, oblique twists, pushups) 

Wow, that felt good! 

Okay now on to the eats for the day…

Starting with breakfast…

Pear Yogurt Bowl (you know it by now)

1 pear diced and warmed with cinnamon, 1/4 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch, 1/4 Cup Multigrain Flakes, 2 TBL apple sauce, 2 TBL vanilla oikos, almond butter and flax

I know you see this a lot but I just can't imagine not incorporating this into my weekly breakfast lineup.  It's definitely one of my favorite and if you have not tried this, I highly highly recommend! 

Lunch was next and it was a good one…..

I used my leftovers from last night and bulked it up a bit by adding salmon, capers, and a little more dijon. Then I took a bed of spinach, added a bit of balsamic and lemon juice and placed my salad on top and added feta.  Placed this in the microwave for a min so it would mesh together and lastly added a few more ingredients to the salad…sun dried tomatoes, avocado and cucumber, dried peas and sunflower seeds. Oh and hummus of course! 

Sides included carrots, a pickle, a few pita chips (that were stale so I tossed) and a juicy orange.  (Vitamin C consumption number 2 for the day!) 

Amazing salad!  I love warm leftovers on top of a salad.  It's amazing how good last night's dinner can taste on a salad the next day.  Really! 

And then dinner, oh my gosh, dinner. 

Do you all know what day it is?  

Say it with me now….





Yep, you got it!  BFD Wednesday is our favorite day of the week here. 

And tonight, I reached the utopia of BFD!

This would be Fried Egg over Roasted Asparagus on Whole Wheat Tuscan Bread with a Dijon Cream Sauce and holy crap, it was sensational! 

On the side, I made a butternut squash and kale sauté. 

Check out how amazing Toly's sammie looked….

His had 3 slices of bacon, muenster cheese, 2 fried eggs and tomato. 

With home fries. 

OMG dinner tonight was out of this world!  I'm still thinking about it. 

It's funny because I use to hate eggs.  Well, maybe not hate, but I didn't really like them too much and only ate them rarely.  But once I discovered that eggs were actually digestible and did not upset my stomach like most forms of dairy, I tried to get more into them since they are such a great source of protein and dairy for me.  Katherina just posted on giving foods another try and I have to agree.  I started to give eggs a second chance and now I realize how much I actually do like them. I still wouldn't choose to eat them for breakfast most days, as I usually prefer a more sweet breakfast (like cereal yogurt and oats) over savory but eggs are becoming a staple for BFD night!  Oh and just so you know, I will ONLY eat cage free, organic eggs. There are many things that I try to find a healthy balance with in regards to organic and what not, but after being exposed to the horrors and inhumane process of chicken farming, I will never buy a regular carton of eggs again. And I promise, YOU WILL TASTE AND SEE A BIG DIFFERENCE!

Okay, I've said enough.  Time to play on the computer and then bed. 

Night everyone! 



  1. Hooray! I love race pics. Those dried peas sound like an awesome addition to a salad. I will have to look for some at WFs. Yayyy for brinner/bfd! I am thinking brinner is on tap for tomorrow. Enjoy your down time

  2. I'm still not that big of a fan of eggs - hopefully that changes!

  3. i've been eating a lot of breakfast for dinner lately, too!
    go get a massage :)

  4. i need to get more into eggs- those egg sandiwches look sooo amazing! and so does that salad :) your eats always look amazing actually. & BFD is such a gooood idea! who says eggs are only for breakfast anyways :)

  5. I have eggs for dinner *at least* twice a week. They're so easy to make and go perfectly with big piles of veggies!

    And your pear-yogurt bowl looks phenommmm. It looks like a cobbler/crisp dessert!

  6. Hey lady I just caught up on your blog and read about your accident! I'm so glad that no one was hurt and that you are doing well. I think a massage would be a good idea though - they always make me feel 100% better when I am feeling sore.

    As for BFD - that is one of my favorite meals ever. It's so easy, plus breakfast foods are my fav.

  7. yay for eggs! I agree - I used to only eat them scrambled, but now I love a good runny yolk :)

    great picture! and that salad looks amazing.

    Hope you have a great day!!

  8. that breakfast reminds me of warm apple crumble YUMMY!!! omg and the eggs look soo good :P

  9. whiplash does tend to set in a lot later! go get a nice massage, for sure :) you deserve it! that is a fab strength routine. what is a dip with squat? i love learning new moves. your savory BFD looks exquisite! i have noticed that my palette matures more and more each time i try something again. i used to dislike several foods, but my range of what i like is broadening so much!

    love you!

  10. Love breakfast for dinner!! So making something with eggs again for dinner :)

  11. I love how colorful and varied your meals many yummy fruit and veg ingredients!!

    I've never gotten into eggs...they taste fine, but something about them raw just really grosses me out. Kudos for only buying cage-free, organic though. I'm always amazed when people are vegetarians but will eat regular eggs! Those egg chickens can be treated just as brutally as animals in slaughterhouses.

    Hope you're having a great Thursday!!

  12. All of your food looks SO yummy especially the pear bowl. I eat pears with almost every meal...I might be a little addicted.

    Awesome run pic :)

    Happy Almost Friday!!

  13. I love that photo of you! Congrats again, Lauren :-)

    I also switched to organic eggs a few months back and am never going back. The extra dollar or two are so worth it. Your egg/asparagus sammy looks so good! Have you ever tried eggs and hummus? Also delicious!

  14. I think it's so funny how your tastes can change as you get older. I used to HATE sweet potatoes as a kid, and now I love them!

    It was really great meeting you last weekend! Thanks so much for organizing the lunch! It was a lot of fun :) And your race photo is way cuter than mine lol. I refuse to post it!