Friday, April 23, 2010

How Big is Your Cup?

Recently, Mama Pea posted on her attempts to cut down on coffee each day.  She noted that doctors say having one cup a day is absolutely fine but many people can not limit themselves to just one cup. 

I have no problem with this rule, so long as the cup is the size of small child.

This cup is probably the size of 3 normal size cups.  How big is yours?

Hey, no one said how big that cup has to be! :) 

I did eat some breakfast with my coffee. 

Fun Friday Yogurt Mess

1/3 Cup Total Raisin Bran, 1/4 Cup Oatmeal Square, a few (okay a handful) of PB Puffins, Honey Oikos, Flax, Mighty Maple, 1/2 Banana Vita Top, Banana and Blueberries

I have a hard time with getting the peanut butter to distribute with these bowls because of the cold factor and the dense consistency but I have found a rectification to this problem.  Spread the mighty maple on a warm vita top and crumble throughout. Brilliant! 

With some loupe and cottage cheese.  I do like my balance of protein and carbs in the morning. 

This kept me full for hours.  I don't think I even thought about food for 5 hours.  Very unlike me! 

But eventually, my stomach reminded me it was time to eat again, so I complied and made lunch. 

First, the salad……

Pear, Radish, Cucumber, Sprouts, Dried Cherries, Dried Peas, Pumpkin Seeds, Goat Cheese, and Hummus

Then, the soup….

Leftover Pear Butternut Squash Soup

The complete thing…..

The rest of the day seemed to move right along, which I love on a Friday.  Who am I kidding, I love when that happens any day of the week, but it's just an added bonus on a Friday. 

After work, I met my mom for a pedicure.  It was well past due and my feet were in need of some serious attention.  (You all remember my horrid foot picture from yesterday)

Speaking of the foot, Toly tells me that it was really gross to post that picture on my blog.  Just this morning, I was nagging him for doing gross boy things and then as he was eating breakfast and reading my blog (like he does every morning) he said he nearly lost his appetite when he saw that photo.  He said "how can you call me disgusting when you show the world pictures of your bloody foot and then talk about your breakfast."  Dually noted my friend! 

Here is a much nicer view of the feet in my defense. 

 We decided to grill tonight since rain is in the forecast for the next several days. 

Toly grilled the burgers.  He is an excellent burger griller! 

Mine was salmon…

I also made an incredible side salad.  

Squash Corn Tomato and Edamame Salad with Feta

For my burger toppings…..Peach Mango Salsa and Mashed Avocado.  I also had Toly grill the rest of the squash.  I LOVE grilled squash! 

This was such a great meal! 

So now we get to catch up with our DVR and relax.  I think some Coconut Milk Ice Cream may be in the future as well.  

Any plans for the weekend? 

Tomorrow morning, we are going out to breakfast at only my favorite place in the entire world!!!!!!!  I'll be sure to take pics, don't worry. 

Have a good night. 



  1. i love a big ass mug! your tootsies look beautiful too. have a great weekend!

  2. Owww are you going to that Hershey's place again? You know how much I love breakfast/brunch out. Glad you got your toes done- they look awesome. Mine are in terrible shape (yikes). I don't limit myself on the coffee. I just love it!

  3. I need a pedicure like none other. It's embarrassing how callusy they are!

    I drink 80-90% decaf because I get headaches from coffee but I absolutely love the taste. So I usually drink 2-3 cups. If I workout in the AM then NONE! It's been about a once a week affair recently, SAD!!

    Oh and I totally would have posted a pic of my bloody foot. I didn't think it was weird at all. I cringed at the site only because I felt so bad for you!!

  4. I drink tea most days but sometimes when I am in the mood I`ll have 3-4 cups of coffee. Also I have a bloody sock pic going up today lol

  5. Brilliant idea of spreading the PB on the Vitatop before crumbling it oats, I usually add the PB while it's cooking to melt it through, but that doesn't work with yogurt! I have to keep that in mind!

    Haha, don't even worry about the gross foot pic. I'm super squeamish and it didn't bother me at all!! Hope you have a great day and a delicious breakfast!!

  6. Oh my goodness this post is hilarious!!! I love your humor :D Your eats are making me hungryyy! I wish I had some of the butternut squash soup. It sounds sooo so good.

    Well Friday night I celebrated one of my best friend's birthday :D It was so much fun. Today was a studio day and I ran some errands. I was gonna go to a fashion show but I have some assignments to catch up on. And tomorrow... going to the studio some more! The creativity monster ahhh hehehe.

    Love you girlie!!

  7. Oh my coffee mug is XXL:)
    I love my morning cup of joe:)
    Your food looks fabulous!

  8. I cut out coffee last summer and it's really helped my body! I try to stick with herbal teas now. I was a coffee addict in college--probably had 3 cups a day. At first it was really hard to cut it out- I did it gradually and now I don't even crave it.