Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday and Contest Worthy Pizza

Hey guys! 

Who's excited for the weekend?  I know I am! 

Friday mornings always make me very happy.  See, I don't lie….that's my true happy face! 

Another reason Friday mornings make me happy is that I usually save a "special" kind of breakfast for this day of the week.  I have no idea why, but this certain combination just screams Happy Friday to me. 

1/4 Cup Total Rasin Bran, 1/4 Cup Oatmeal Squares, Banana, Blueberries, Might Maple, Blueberry Oikos and flax

Okay so it's not all that different or "special" than my usual breakfast bowls, but I guess it's just because these are my two favorite cereals, my favorite flavor of Oikos and my favorite nut butter all in the same glorious bowl.  

Loupe and Cottage Cheese

I had a very busy day at work and I had to be at a meeting at 1pm today, so I decided to pack my lunch and bring it with me to eat at my desk before my meeting. 

Last night, I put together a quick salmon salad by mixing 1/2 pouch of salmon, dijon, plain yogurt, capers, and cabbage.  Then I put this on top of a bed of spinach and added some other enhancements such as avocado, radish, dried peas, pumpkin seeds, cucumber and tomato. 

I also brought a big orange, yogurt (a la Target that wasn't very good.  Once you have Greek yogurt and go back to "runny" yogurt, you can really taste the artificial aspects) and carrots. 

After my meeting, I was craving an iced coffee like you wouldn't imagine.  Good thing there was a Dunkin' Doughnuts right beside the place where I was at.  It was calling my name! 

I ordered my Iced Hazelnut Coffee and asked for Soy Milk.  The guy said they didn't have any but felt bad about it.  It really wasn't a big deal, but he decided to give me a free munchkin for it!  Score!!!  Such a nice little treat to perk me up in the afternoon. 

So one may say that coffee and doughnuts are not the best snacks to up your energy levels in the afternoon; however, I'd say they did a fantastic job at fueling the last few hours of work.  Okay, so maybe the apple I consumed back at the office helped with that too, but I guess I'll never know!??!? :) 

For dinner tonight, I felt like it would be a good pizza night.  I haven't made pizza in a few weeks and had some serious cravings. 

But I wanted something different. I thought about it for awhile and just couldn't come up with anything.  I felt like I've tried every combo in the world for pizza toppings…until I remembered……

Kristin posted a recipe for a Contest Winning Pizza a few weeks ago and I immediately wanted to make it myself. 

Thai Tofu Pizza

I followed her recipe almost exactly but I added pepper and didn't use cheese on my side.  (Toly's side had cheese and chicken) 

Once the pizza is done baking, add fresh mango and peanuts! 

My girl Kristin does not lie.  This is Contest Worthy!!!  

I loved the all of the flavors of this.  The spicy peanut sauce, the crunchy broccoli, the soft and subtle tofu, the sweet juicy mango. 

So amazing! 

I feel like I have been a slave to technology all day so I think I'll retire early tonight.  

Hope you all had a Fantastic Friday! 



  1. What a great and unique pizza idea! Fresh mango and peanuts on top?! Definitely not your standard pepperoni. Yum!

    Hope you've been well, sweetie!

  2. Fridays rock. You should so submit your salad picture to Sabrina's I love Salad! contest. Do it do it. The pizza sounds like a truly interesting combo. Happy weekend

  3. I so agree- I cant go back to regular yogurt after going Greek!

  4. mmm mmmm that pizza does look delicious! anything with mango has gotta be.

  5. HOW do you eat 1/4 cup of oatmeal squares and leave it at that!? I can devour the whole box in one sitting. That stuff is crack!!!! Exactly the reason why I haven't had a box in...gosh...a year?

    Cute pizza makin' :)