Friday, April 30, 2010

The Early Bird Gets the Worm Juice

Hello and happy Friday!

My day started earlier than normal.  If you can imagine, earlier than my normal 4:30am!  I had to be at a school by 6:30am and I had a bit of a drive ahead of me, so leaving the house no later than 5:45am was my only option. 

Regardless of the early appointments, the day turned out quite lovely on a whole. 

I had the pleasure of taking my friend Audi to one of my favorite spots over lunch…The Healthy Grocer. 

She had never been but has been wanting to go for some time.  I love playing tour guide in a health food store.  I think this may be a calling for me if the whole Financial Education thing doesn't work out. ;) 

We had a blast browsing the aisles and Audi found some good buys! 

I stocked up on more Kombucha (aka worm juice as my co-workers are calling it now) because it was still on sale!  Can't pass up $2.99 for Kombucha! 

We picked up lunch from the sandwich and juice bar in the store. 

My juice was apple, carrot, broccoli, and ginger. 

And to eat, a Hummus wrap loaded with veggies, just the way I like. 

After work, my parents came over.  Toly and my dad worked on preparing the soil for my garden while my mom and I sipped on wine and ate salsa.  Just the way it should be. ;) 

Fresh Mango Pineapple Salsa that I made earlier. 

After he spent all that time working hard on my garden, my wonderful hubby even cooked dinner. 

Grilled Burgers (veggie for me) with grilled veggies and salad (made by my mom). 

Wonderful night for a BBQ! 

Even more wonderful was ending the night with this….

Remember those brownies I made last night?  Well they were transformed into a Chocolate Cherry Brownie Trifle or as I like to think of it…..heaven in a bowl! 

Trifles are one of the very few desserts I can actually make.  Mainly because the method of putting these together is much like my cooking method for almost everything….layers in a bowl!  

Well, it's been a long day.  Calling it a night early because I have an eventful day tomorrow. 

Hope all is well. 



  1. that's a crazy good deal for kombucha!! LOVE THAT STUFF! my dad calls it "vinegar juice" or "salad dressing" haha

    cute dinner! your family seems so loving and supportive :) and down to savor good food!!

  2. that trifle sounds divine!! i love repurposing foods like that :)

  3. What a great day! Hooray for foodie item sales- always makes me smile :) And what a dinner! Both the salsa and the trifle look out of this world delicious. Hope your weekend is a goodie

  4. WHAT A FUN DAY! great lunch AND dinner!! i LOVE grilling!!

  5. Your family is so cute! i want to hang out with all of you!

  6. LOVE the brownie easy to make and so pretty! You can't go wrong with chocolate and whipped cream :) Hope you have an amazing Saturday love!!